Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wrap it Up Folks!

Condom Styles

Super Sensitive condoms

Thin condoms
(Super Sensitive Condoms)
"Follow me to the land of Feelgood"

strong condoms

Strong Condoms
(Extra Strength Condoms)
"Let's go soldier we're headed for security"

textured condoms

Textured Condoms
(textured condoms, studded condoms, ribbed condoms) "Hop on your Harley, we’re headed for Traction Town"

Polyurethane condoms

Polyurethane Condoms (non-latex)
"Fly with me, we're Latex free"

larger condoms

Large Condoms
"Follow me to the land of the giants"

smaller condoms

Small Condoms
(snug fit condoms)
"Come with me to a land that's tailor made"

Non lubed condoms

Non lubricated Condoms
"Come follow me to the land that's lube free"

flavored condoms

Flavored Condoms
"Follow me down to Hummer Town"

colored condoms

Colored Condoms
"Let's depart on a colorful voyage"

Condom Assortments and Refills

Deep Diver novelty condoms Custom Condoms
"Design your own brand"

I think I am interested in the DEEP DIVER....I mean WHO came up with this stuff.

What happened to SARAN WRAP or a ZIPLOCK BAG!!

I Dont Give A Bleep If you Don't Like Our New President

Pluzeeez!...why Lord, WHY did some A-hole had to piss me off today and say, "I don't like the New President." I don't Giveasheet! Tell it to someone who cares. The man has even had a chance to pee in the toilet and already you got folks making asinine comments. Okay, so when I asked my co-worker what she didn't like about him she says, "first off I don't like his name." WTF? his name? If his name was, "Henry Kissinger," would that have made it better.

She better be glad we didn't have someone of Asian descent elected, I guess then what? she would boycott all Chinese restaurants.

Look people, (as I have written before), here we might have a shot at retirement money or having our stock actually be profitable. Is it too much to ask that we all pull together and be supportive of someone who wants to change our current system?

I see a long haul for our great Nation and I for one am going to stand by the President and his cabinet and keep them in my prayers.

as for BUSH and DA GANG...


Moving Sale Pictures, Images and Photos

New Blogs I Like

Okay I had some time today and decided to peruse the wonderful world wide web, aka- Cyberspace. I found some really interesting blogs out there. Not all humorous or comedy. I actually have and ecclectic choice when it comes to reading manners. So if you like my blog...check out some of these as well.

  • Scott's tip of the day( Scottstipoftheday) is actually a good read. He visited my blog an asked me in turn to check his out. I really enjoyed it. He, like I, states his opinon on a variety of matters. I don't know if anyone actually takes Scott's tips to heart, but HEY, the dude does make some sense in some of his suggestions. (and yes Scott is right Homeless folks sometimes do smell- well- its' just a fact)
  • The Angry Clown-(Angryclown). I like dude, I mean he is lewd and crude, but HEY we all have our good He is very straightforward with his commentary, so if you get easily offended, then HEY....just move on to the next post. You know I don't give a bleep if you check any of these folks out..hell I like them.
  • The Flint Skinny Blog -the flint skinny- I must admit I do like blogs that are unconventional. When I was younger I was so radical. I use to make pizza without sauce (using hoagie rolls) and actually convinced people it was the sauce that had us brainwashed into thinking pizza was good. So this blog sorta runs the gamut of strange or weird humor-whatever- the posts Idon't like I simply skip over..
  • Regina Family Seasons- (reginafamilyseasons)- Okay, you guys caught me. This isn't a new blog I recently started reading but I love it so much I have to include it in at least ONE post a month..SWEET, SEXY, COOL! (sounds like a singing group huh)..but Regina got that Down home sweetness..the fact she is a transplant like me from NEW YORK makes a her a super cool chick. Her blog is honest and makes you feel good reading it....SO CHECK IT OUT.....YOU BETTER!
  • The Angry Jew- (theangryjew)- What is up with all these angry folks..good Well, if you what a wide view on politics and you were a fan of the old dude at the end of 60 minutes, then you will love this guy.

So those were some of the most recent ones I visited and liked...I will be back. I think since folks like awards. I don't give a bleep will create and award for blogs who really post what they feel and dont give a bleep what others think about what they right..

YEAH...hmmm...I think I will call it the IDONTGIVEABLEEP AWARD...that's only cause I am so original...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Don't Give A Bleep About Bush Last Day

Why are people Whining?? Can we all just dedicate this one song to Dubya...(George W. Bush)

Here are some folks waving bye bye... I mean URBODY wants to say BYE..I just couldn't get all the folks on here...

and of course

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

I generally don't participate in many memes but I thought this one was pretty cool

Click on the image Below to particpate and see other Mellow Yellow Folks.

Here is my Mellow Yellow Monday Picture

I poured some cream of corn in a pot (about to make some soup)

Top Ten Things of Last Year That I Dontgiveableep About

These are (in PICTURE FORM) the TOP TEN THINGS IDONTGIVEABLEEP about for the year 2008. These were either things or people that absoulutely annoyed me or they was overkill in the media. I would love to see the things that you did not give a bleep about as well for the year 2008. So if you want to ADD YOUR OWN pictures to your site and don't forget to link back and share it with us. This is not a meme, but I think it would be fun to see what were some of your pet peeves for last year

I will start from 10 backwards!

10.... amy winehouse Pictures, Images and PhotosAmy Winehouse ups and down with the drug scene was just annoying in 2008. The fact she won a grammy award as the top album didn't seem to help, it just made it more annoying.

9...same sex brides Pictures, Images and Photos Same sex marriage was very controversial in 2008. I think the homeless in our country would disagree that it was something to constantly be worried about. I think if the government put more thought in solving other issues affecting America then we would be better off.

8....FLDS Cult Pictures, Images and Photos First we took the kids, then we give back the kids, then we wondered if we should take the kids again. We spent more airtime on the Polygamist in Utah and Colorado then we did in celebrating the victories in the Olympics last year.

7....Dr. Jeremiah Wright Pictures, Images and Photos The Diaster Pastor. Jeremiah Wright became this symbol of what Pastor NOT to have in your corner if you were running for President. This was a way to try to discredit Obama...and WE HAD TO LISTEN to it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVer again. However, he put himself constantly in the news by making negative comments again and again. I was SO happy when the media stopped giving this man airtime.

6....michael phelps Pictures, Images and Photos Now don't get me wrong I loved Michael Phelps but he was NOT the only one that entered the Olympics. So much airtime was spent on this dude that we didn't get to see or hear about some of the wonderful accomplishments of some of the other athletes. Swimming wasn't the only event.

5...2008  What a Year Pictures, Images and Photos The Presidential Race seemed to go on forever. The debates, more debates, more debates, slanderous comments, debates, mudslinging, more debates...I thought it would NEVER END. Half of my favorite shows were pre-empted due to this election. I know it was important to have one but DANG!..we focused so much on the election that (again) many important issues effecting our country were left hanging. Afterawhile it seemed that Hilary, John and Obama were the only things that Americans focused on.

4..Gas Prices Pictures, Images and Photos I really didn't give a bleep about the rising gas prices. I thought I was going to have to sell blood to fill up my tank. This really sucked because it caused so many people to become "couch potatoes." We couldn't go anywhere so we were at the mercy of the television stations. I am SOOOO happy gas prices have gone down.

3...sarah palin Pictures, Images and Photos Sarah Palin. What can I say, this woman set woman's suffarge movement back centuries. OMG! What were the republicans thinking. Everytime she opened her mouth I cringed!

2....Economy Pictures, Images and Photos. I was tried of hearing about the government giving all these BAILOUTS to these corporations and leaving the average citizen to fend for themselves. I was tired of hearing about how bad WALL STREET was doing when no one was giving a damn how bad I was doing.



moon units Pictures, Images and Photos

ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT HIM IS what N' SYNC would say------> BYE BYE..

The Helping Hand Award

I was given the Emblem Of The Helping Hand award byRegina of Regina Family Seasons. I feel very honored because even though I can't come online as often as I would like due to my work obligations, she is one that constantly hangs in there with me and gives me that viewing support.

I know I generally go on these crazy rants, but I think life is about balance. We often speak openly about the positive things in life and quietly about things that bother us. I just speak openly about both. I am glad Regina and so many others who have given my blog love throughout my time here online have allowed me to come into their lives with a little humor.

Here are the rules

The Rules:1. Select 10 bloggers: 5 you consider your blogging Helping Hand then "Pay it Forward" by extending your "Helping Hand" to 5 additional bloggers in support and encouragement for their efforts.

2, In passing on the Emblem, each recipient must provide the name of blog or blog author with a link for others to visit. Each recipient must show the Emblem and put the name and link to the blog that has given it to her or him.

3. Link the Emblem to this post: Helping Hand: Much Obliged and Paying it Forward so that others will know it origin and impetus.

4. If you have not already done so, show your recipients some love by adding them to your blog roll, Technorati Favorite list, or in any other way to further let them know that their blog voice is important to you and being heard.

5. Add your name to The Helping Hand meme and don't forget to leave a comment as a permanent record of all Helping Hand recipients.

6. Display the rules.

I have to say I know I am to "tag" 10 people total with this award, (blogger who have lent a helping hand) and also (bloggers who I want to lend support for their efforts).

However that would just be me "picking some folks."

I really don't read as many blogs as I use to in the past however I can give this award to at least 5 bloggers who I consider have helped me come along in this bloggin world. Sometimes I am just a silent viewer though. I don't always comment on their blogs but when I have time these are some definite reads for me.

Here goes, I pass this award on to the following 5 blogs.

  1. Regina Family Seasons, I actually am giving this award back to you. Not only have you been an encouragement to me, but you have been an inspiration with your love and honesty on your blog. (and nothing in the rules say I can't pass it back..and if it does IDONTGIVEABLEEP!)

  2. EyesMindHeart, I am giving you this award because your blog actually incites all the senses and really makes me smile genuinely from the heart. You have always given me encouragement to write and express myself and I really appreciate it.

  3. LadyBanana, This wonderful lady from the U.K. has always given me such an wonderful read. I always find her exploits through the cyber world to be so informative and she has this cool cat named, "mabel" who is quite cute too!

  4. Mental Stimulation, This reader shares a lot of herself. Just and ecclectic view of her world.

  5., Static is of course a sick, sick man, My God that is why I love his blog so. His humor is irreverant and just plan crazy. However, this is the type of blog that conservatives hide and sit in their cubicle like bathrooms at work and read and you can hear that "titter" as they giggle like school kids. So beware not your normal humor blog, but then what is normal.
So show these blogs some love, but don't blame me if some of them leave you addicted.

I don't give a bleep about slow drivers

driver dog Pictures, Images and Photos

Arggh! People please if you can't drive fast- STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE...whew I got that off my chest. I really don't understand drivers that HOG that fast lane at 50mph. What is that about?

Yesterday I was driving Northbound to an appointment ( I was in the fast lane) when suddenly this lady came from nowhere an jumped in front of me. Well, no problem but then she starts breaking to about 60. Now, the flow of traffic had been 70 (well maybe 75) until then so here she comes and luckily I keep good distance between me and the traffic ahead, so I end up (being forced) to slow down to a crawl.

I see cars in the middle lane passing us up. So was about to signal to get over and pass this lady. So you know what she does? She speeds up. So since she speeds up, I speed up, then she slows down again...ARGGGH!!

So by now I figure okay she just wants to be a total "B-WORD." I then just signal again to get into the other lane to just get away from her. She speeds up again. Okay, I am not buying it this time. I signal, get over and just stay in the other lane (where eventually I pass her anyway).
I look over and her is the lady looking like " one of the chicks from the GOLDEN GIRLS." Grandma must of been at least 80. Now, see I wasn't going to stereotype older drivers, but she is the PRIME reason why we need to have older drivers tested more regularly.
Slow drivers, the slow lane is for YOU. Please stay there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fad diets

diets Pictures, Images and Photos

I stumbled upon a site called, "" Someone actually took the time to compile all the fad diets their are out there. I thought it would be helpful for some folks who have this in their "New Year's Resolution," list.

The funniest diet on this site is the Amputation Diet..I LOVE IT!!
I found in the long run, the best thing to do is minimize your portions and exercise. Their really is no getting around the exercise thing.

I don'tgiveableep about diets. I sat LET FAT RUN FREE!! Eat Less, Drink More Liquids and POOP a lot! There diet problem solved

I Don't Give A Bleep Nasty Folks

Why oh why do some people not wash their hands when they use the bathroom? That is a big pet peeve of mine. Worst yet, sometimes they are the ones "having you over for dinner or something." I was at a friend's home the other day (over for dinner) and she used the restroom. Not only did she not wash her hands, she didn't flush the toilet. Lucky for me it was only a #1 she did.

How would I know all this, well simple, I wanted to use the restroom so I was right outside the door. She didn't flush, she came out the bathroom, then went over to the sink, and continued cutting up the chicken. I tell you what that was an appetite killer right there.

I think it is something your parents ingrain in you when you are younger. However, I won't blame it on parenting, because sometimes folks are just plain nasty.

Let's not forget the folks who blow their nose, then want to shake hands with you. Their nose is running. They wipe their nose with their hands, wipe it on their clothes, then they extend it to you for a handshake...ugggh...

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I have to say 2008 went by quickly (Thank God). Would not want to relive the latter part of that year at all.

Their were so many things not only did I "not" give a bleep about that year but probably would carry over into this year as well.

So how about them "resolutions huh?" Nope, not doing it. Every year I see people go out and join all these Weight loss places. Why? We give them our money and hope they will perform miracles. The real miracle is within ourselves. We have to be peaceful with who we are. It is only when you find true inner peace can you even attempt to find peace with your "whole" self.

Wow, for a minute there I sounded so philosophical. Gee, won't let that happen

I do have ONE resolve though, to be the best me I can be. It is the one true thing I know I do without any effort or planning.