Monday, August 11, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About the Stimulus Check

Okay by now most of you have received your stimulus checks in the mail. You know the money the government made a big deal about giving folks to supplement their income. Now, initially the money was to be used to help the economy. This means that it was suppose to be spent in the retail environment. YEAH RIGHT (lol)!

How many folks really used it for that? I so people using it for groceries, but mostly I saw folks putting it in their savings account or paying off a loan. How irresponsible. If the government said to buy the $500.00 dollar pair of Nikes, then by gummit, that is what you should of done.

I didn't get one, because I am a sad excuse for what poor folks look like. I did not make enough. But my RICH neighbor (the millionaire) gets one because he filed. What?

yeah...I can honestly say I don't give a bleep about the Stimulus Check.

I Don't Give a Bleep About Weaves

I feel this way if you bought it, it is yours. I guess I haven't written for awhile, so I should have this elaborate post about why I haven't been online. However, it basically is no one's business but mine. I really don't give a bleep about telling you guys, as I know you really don't give a bleep about the reason why.

Now, back to my weaves conversation. There are so many entertainers, and other folks in various businesses across the world who feel the need every once in a while to wear a hair piece. This means men and women. So why do folks get in a bunch when they are making love and the hairpiece comes off? I mean I'm just saying..

Is that a dating question that should be asked along with do you wear dentures? I feel if every man out there was to worrry about what was real or fake on a woman no one would date. Lets face it even if you paint your nails, isn't that fake? Doesn't it hide the cracks, wear and tear and sometimes fungus condition of the nails (both on hands an feet).

Technical isn't it.