Monday, June 23, 2008

Shout Out to Steven Humor

You guys got to check out his site. Steven Humor has it going on in the jokes and humor department. It is hilarious. I had to "pinch" his photo of some hotdog holders. OMG, talk about "burnt weenies." So if you want a good laugh a day, run over to this site (okay, walk we don't want any accidents) and check out Idontgiveableep's kind of humor,

Hot Dog Holders For The Barbeque

Hot Dog Holders For The Barbeque

I love my Weenie Burnt!.yum!

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Combination Fried Rice

fried rice

Yes, I said it out loud! I don't care about combination fried rice. I have a friend who works in the Chinese Food industry and actually he advised me to not eat combination "anything" from a Chinese restaurant. Do you know that much of the combination dishes are "recycled" from the day before? Yupper, that is correct. Some restaurants go as far as "saving" some of those Meat dishes (chicken and shrimp too) that you don't finish and simply cutting them up real small and serving them back to you in combination fried rice or chow mien type dishes.

Well, to their credit the rice and noodles that the recycled meat and seafood is served is fresh. So the next time you are ordering those dishes remember you might be eating someone's leftovers.

I Don't Give a Bleep-About Viagra Commercials


What is up with all these strange commercials? It was taboo years ago to even remotely discuss sex much less men who can't "get it up." I was embarrased when tampon and kotex commercials came on television. Now, we have "impotency" commercials. I guess it is good for those men who do suffer from this medical complication.

However, when you are sitting at the dinner table with your children (and hey the television maybe playing in the background) and the "Cialis" commercial comes on,what do you do when little Johnny says, "Mom what is penile erectile dysfunction?" Do you simply say, "Johnny pass the cream corn," you are too you to understand? Or do you go into this full blown explanation that some men grow older and then their penis stops getting hard?

Well whatever the reply I am just sick of the commercials. I am sick of tampon and kotex commercials too though. I am sure when you are PMSing you don't want to be cramping and seeing someone playing tennis on television stating how much "fun" they are having because their Midol kicked in.

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Moving

Shellys moving van

I don't give a bleep has been moving (or trying to) for the last month or so. This is the reason for my delay in writing. I have tried to maintain this and my other blogs during this month, but it has been rather difficult.

Why is moving such a royal pain? First off I had to go "dumpster diving for some boxes." Why? because I am cheap as hell. I also had no shame in begging at some local stores as well. I found that people spend money to buy all these fancy U-haul boxes and then they abandon them at dumpsters. I am more than happy to retrieve them and use them.

Below is what one moving company suggest I do prior to two weeks before moving.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Red Bullet

Inform gas, electric, water, cable, local telephone and trash removal services of your move. Sign up for services at your new address.

Red Bullet

Inform long distance phone company of your move.

Red Bullet

Recruit moving-day help.

Red Bullet

Confirm travel reservation.

Red Bullet

Arrange to close or transfer your bank account, if appropriate.

The only problem is I have LESS then two weeks and I haven't got any of this crap done. Wait! I did tell my cable company I am moving. Hey that is a start huh?

Sigh...back to the old drawing board. So if you see me MIA hey, send me a sandwich or something would yah!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Designer Clothes

I really can't see myself spending $200.00 for a pair of jeans that say, "apple bottom."(and have a picture of an apple on the right cheek). First off my bottom does not resemble an apple, a large grapefruit, but no apple. Why are we falling prey to this blatant commercialism. I can see when kids are in school and their is this peer pressure to fit in, however not as adults.

apple bottom jeans

I had on some slacks the other day (they were really nice-good fit) and one of my co workers complimented me. She asked where I bought them from, I told her K[mart. You would of thought I said from the garbage dump. Her nose crinkled up, and she said, "I would never shop there." I mean I could of lied and said Macy's, would that have made her feel better.

What messages are some parents giving their kids when they run out and by 200.00 Michael Jordans? Dang, isn't that man retired? So why am I putting a retired basketball players shoes on a 6 year old who doesn't have a job.

John\'s Jeans

I am sorry to rant like this, but I grew up in the Jordache and Sergio Valenti jeans era and as long as my mama gave me ONE pair of something trendy I was cool. When my mother lost her job and could not afford even to put food on the table, I realized that their were indeed more important things in life.

Picture of the day

Hillary Clinton,Barack Obama

Now somebody was wrong to put this mess together. Lawd ham mercy! They merged Barack and Hillary as the dream team in one photo Why Barack look like Sisquo on crack. Sad.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About -People Who Abuse Animals

animal abuse

I think people who do this are cowards. How can you abuse a defenseless animal. In view of the recent Michael Vick conviction, I feel that the media is now more aware of dog fighting (well, they always been aware, but now they are bringing more public awareness), and bringing these images, stories and videos to the public.

PetAbuse.Com reports 13,221 cases in their animal abuse database.Click the next link to see the cases. browse all cases.

There are many different reasons why individuals abuse animals. Animal cruelty covers a wide range of actions (or lack of action).One blanket answer simply isn’t possible. Each type of abuse has displayed certain patterns of behavior that we can use to help understand more about why people commit the crimes we encounter today.

We have passive and active cruelty. In passive cruelty, it is generally people who starve their pets, not showing any love, and general neglect.

Active cruelty is a more aggressive kind of cruelty. Some people have burned animals, and other forms of torture.

Whatever the case, animals show us unconditional love. We are suppose to be the higher life form, but sometimes I wonder

IDon'tGiveABleep Picture of the Day

Funny Pictures

I am going to attempt to keep this blog updated daily. It is hard when you have so many other obligations in life. I suppose if this was my job, it would be different.

Anyway, would like do a picture of the day. This picture was just funny to me. I mean this was posted on a school cafeteria's wall. What message is this telling the kids? If you don't do meth, you will not see bears driving cars? What is this?

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Tipping

There are so many countries where tipping is not required. Japan is one of these countries. They actually love to provide good customer service. In this country your wait service can sometimes treat you like a piece of crap, (then got the nerve to have the gratuity already included in the bill receipt).

Now, as a previous wait serve person myself, I understand the need for tipping, as the average person does not get a basic salary to live on. Why tips should be included as additional salary is beyond me. Maybe if these companies paid their employees enough money to begin with they would not need to let them depend on tips.

Okay, no idontgiveableep does not feel she has to give a tip to everyone that holds out their hand though. Damn, I tip the hairdresser, the busboy, the taxi driver, bartender, "free valet" parking attendant, person who packs my grocery.

I mean is all this tipping even necessary?