Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Tipping

There are so many countries where tipping is not required. Japan is one of these countries. They actually love to provide good customer service. In this country your wait service can sometimes treat you like a piece of crap, (then got the nerve to have the gratuity already included in the bill receipt).

Now, as a previous wait serve person myself, I understand the need for tipping, as the average person does not get a basic salary to live on. Why tips should be included as additional salary is beyond me. Maybe if these companies paid their employees enough money to begin with they would not need to let them depend on tips.

Okay, no idontgiveableep does not feel she has to give a tip to everyone that holds out their hand though. Damn, I tip the hairdresser, the busboy, the taxi driver, bartender, "free valet" parking attendant, person who packs my grocery.

I mean is all this tipping even necessary?


ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

LOL I just had a flashback of a waitress who didn't do anything in her job description that would require a tip. She didn't wait on my party properly, she had to be reminded to bring us things and she most definitely thought it was her right to receive a tip. No quality service, no tip honey. They need to pay service people accordingly so the tipping can be eliminated.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm with Shae-Shae only I don't think it needs to be eliminated. I think the service people need to remember - tipping is not mandatory or they would have added it the bill like they do for a large party of people...right? If they paid the staff what they were worth maybe it wouldn't be such an issue.