Monday, June 23, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Moving

Shellys moving van

I don't give a bleep has been moving (or trying to) for the last month or so. This is the reason for my delay in writing. I have tried to maintain this and my other blogs during this month, but it has been rather difficult.

Why is moving such a royal pain? First off I had to go "dumpster diving for some boxes." Why? because I am cheap as hell. I also had no shame in begging at some local stores as well. I found that people spend money to buy all these fancy U-haul boxes and then they abandon them at dumpsters. I am more than happy to retrieve them and use them.

Below is what one moving company suggest I do prior to two weeks before moving.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Red Bullet

Inform gas, electric, water, cable, local telephone and trash removal services of your move. Sign up for services at your new address.

Red Bullet

Inform long distance phone company of your move.

Red Bullet

Recruit moving-day help.

Red Bullet

Confirm travel reservation.

Red Bullet

Arrange to close or transfer your bank account, if appropriate.

The only problem is I have LESS then two weeks and I haven't got any of this crap done. Wait! I did tell my cable company I am moving. Hey that is a start huh?

Sigh...back to the old drawing board. So if you see me MIA hey, send me a sandwich or something would yah!

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Regina said...

I feel your pain. We are pretty much settled in after our long haul from NY to TX but moving long distance was crazy. and I officially hate ABF-U Pack!!