Saturday, November 22, 2008

Something to Make You Smile

I bet this baby just got look at our economy!

I Don't Give a Bleep About Rude Bosses

Corporate America. Pictures, Images and Photos

I know at least once in our working career (unless we have always been self employed) we have encountered someone who we worked for who was rude. Case in point, I went to work yesterday, I work in the retail industry which is challenging within itself, and my boss decides to have a hissy fit because our sales our down.

DUH, newsflash, everyone in retail is experiencing this. So she goes on for about 10 minutes with this "rant" about we need to be out there doing everything we can to make sure that we make our sales goals this week. Well, I got a lot going on right now and "sales goals" are really not my concern.

She then singles out (of course the quietest person) one of people in my division and reams then for about 10 minutes for something that could of been stated privately. I spoke up and told her that her actions on the work floor were inappropriate. Why did she tell me, "you know you need to stay out of this cause you "NEED" this job.

Okay, yes she is STILL alive, but lets just say that she won't be making those types of statements again. Just rude. I hate corporate America. I swear I do.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About- false advertisizing

The above ads are parodies, however they are based off of the true theories. Many advertisers put out all this fluff when they have these commercials or billboard ads displayed. How many times have you stayed up late at night an seen all those "infomercials" where they claim to do all those "amazing," things. Come on, if the product was so wonderful, the manufactures would not be hawking it at $19.99.

What about those food ads? I have see a Big Mac, Jack in the Box Burger and many other food items that DO NOT look like that when they serve it to me.

What big mac advertises

Now what they "really" serve

I Don't Give A Bleep About- Men with Purses

Can someone explain to me what a man bag is? I had a friend the other day whose purse was WAY bigger than mine. Dang, he had all of Washington D.C . in there. Let me tell you there is no way a man can walk macho, with this bag slung low over their shoulder. Their is even a site called, "mister bag," where the man can choose, which wonderful purse he can accessorize with.

Okay, like I would ask the queen, "what do you have in there?" Men (I am saying REAL MEN) carry a wallet. I know I am pretty open minded, hail, I am plenty open minded, but come on people!!

Unless it is depends, what can you possibly have in there? Well, my friend from D.C. had his toiletries, Kleenex, comb (for his comb over), manicure set, wallet, book, (yes he had a ),eyeglasses, an a lighter (he doesn't even smoke).

Below are some "man bags" I found at the site above. Would you men carry this? Ladies, would you walk next to your man with these bags?

Enough is Enough

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About- wedding rings

Don't get me wrong, I have been married and I love to wear a wedding ring as a sign of commitment to my partner and marriage....BUT....why does it TAKE so long to get rid of that DARN IMPRINT in your left finger when you get a divorce??

Dang, It has been 5 years now since I have been "officially" divorced and recently JUST stop seeing the imprint on my finger. It is like some bad HAIR know you buy it for temporary use but it ends up staining your scalp for months. wait...bad!

Now, then there is the cost. If it is a symbol of "love" why do some women have their "intended" spouse take out a loan to pay for the ring. If it is something you can't budget, then maybe you need a "smaller' commemoration of your love.

My ring (remember the one I said left that imprint for 5 years) cost little over $100.00. I got it on sale at J.C. Penny. You probably needed a microscope to see the diamond. Hey, but I was married for 23 years, so I don't think the cost of the "ring" was ever the issue.

Why don't men like to wear rings? My ex husband did (at least when I saw it on his hand) know how that story can goes. I hear everything from it itches, I don't want to lose it...and yada yada.

Then why does society "expect" a woman to wear a ring if she is married. Isn't that double standards?

Oh Check out these really Weird wedding odd!

I Don't Give a Bleep About Poor Sarah Palin

sarah palin Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay lets recap, here is what we know so far, Sarah Louise Heath Palin was born February 11, 1964. She is the governer of Alaska. Palin was a member of the Wasilla, Alaska City Council from 1992 to 2002. She has chaired the Alaska Oil an Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004.

However with all her successes in Alaska, the only thing the poor woman will be remembered for historically is that she ran as Vice-President (unsuccessfully) next to John McCain. ....oh wait, and here a couple MORE things that she might be remembered for

  • She hunts Moose, Deer and stuff
  • Her teen daughter got knocked up
  • She got kids named- Piper, Bristol, Trig, Willow and Trak
  • She can see Russia from her backyard
  • Voted "Miss Wasilla" in local beauty contest; eloped at 24
  • has a downs syndrome child
  • Did not know Africa was a Continent
  • Gave Tina Fey a high income
  • Gave SNL the highest ratings they ever had
  • Ran unsuccessfully as Vice President electee
  • She never asked for anything more than a "diet Pepsi" and somehow got clothes
  • didn't know the countries in North American Free Trade ( I wonder if she knew were trading)
  • Was involved in "troopergate"
So what made this woman such a phenomenon. I think it was because she stated she represented the "Average American Woman" and many of us KNOW AFRICA is a how AVERAGE WAS SHE?

Many of us woman are NOT sanctimonious about our teenage girls....STUFF HAPPENS...but to have your child marry someone that young because of what "THE PUBLIC" might think is crazy. I was an unwed mom, not teenage, but pretty young. I "almost" married my child's father, but I realized one key thing, I didn't love him. My mother not once, got involved in my decision making.

Sarah Palin caused a LOT of the media fluff around her, then blamed the same media for reporting HER OWN WORDS. Will she run in 2012...HEAVEN HELP US IF SHE DOES!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks to My Top Droppers Entrecard

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I just want to thank some of my " Top Droppers" on my site. I know you guys have hung in there with me. I have 7 blogs so I am so happy that despite the fact (obviously) I don't get to this one as often as I would like, you still take the time to visit. Thanks so much.

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Obama for President Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to take this time to congratulate our new President elect-Barack Obama.

Obama won by appealing to a deep yearning for national reconciliation and unity that spans partisan divides. From the moment he captured national attention with a stirring speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention to the last day of this campaign, he reminded us that amid our often-contentious diversity, we are one nation joined in a common mission.

I Don't Give a Bleep About-The Sunday Newspaper

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Why does the Sunday Newspaper have to have 20 million supplements in it? I mean what happened to the news, classifieds, cartoons, and stuff we read? I opened my paper last Sunday and it took a wheel barrow to carry it, because it was filled with every advertisement known to man.

I mean understand the supermarket coupons (shoot, I use them myself) but what is with all these "other" stores that are not even in my local area? When I "thinned" out the paper with all these unnecessary things, that paper was so thin you could see through it.

I think we should have a paper that just sells "ads." These are for folks who enjoy reading all that junk.

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Racist Attitudes

Obama Pictures, Images and Photos

Here it was Tuesday, November 4th and the greatest event in the nation took place. We as a nation put the word "UNITED" back into the word, "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and some racist A-hole had to blow my natural high.

I went to work the next day, and someone was asking me, "Why was Jesse Jackson crying?" Okay, I should of knew from the question she was not going to understand the answer. I simply told her that ,"he was crying because never would he have thought in his lifetime would he see a person of color become the President of the United States." Then she said, well Obama wasn't black, that is why he won. ( I will spare you the derogatory words I used to answer this ignoramous).

So I asked her HOW BLACK DOES HE HAVE TO BE TO BE BLACK? Was it a shade? Was it he needed MORE AFRICAN MIXTURE from his father and that side of his family? Did he have to live in Kenya for many years to be considered a black man?

Everytime this man travels (from a visual viewpoint) he is seen as a "black man." I looked at Obama and I didn't mistake him for white. She said,"he's bi-racial" that does not count.
I am quite sure, "BARRY" Obama had to deal with this issue ALL his life. (hence him calling himself BARRY).

I get so tired of people who (since Obama's election ) have been making excuses as to why he won. GET OVER IT!! He won and the country has now started that path on healing. We didn't get our 400 acres and a mule, but we did get a white house.