Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Racist Attitudes

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Here it was Tuesday, November 4th and the greatest event in the nation took place. We as a nation put the word "UNITED" back into the word, "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and some racist A-hole had to blow my natural high.

I went to work the next day, and someone was asking me, "Why was Jesse Jackson crying?" Okay, I should of knew from the question she was not going to understand the answer. I simply told her that ,"he was crying because never would he have thought in his lifetime would he see a person of color become the President of the United States." Then she said, well Obama wasn't black, that is why he won. ( I will spare you the derogatory words I used to answer this ignoramous).

So I asked her HOW BLACK DOES HE HAVE TO BE TO BE BLACK? Was it a shade? Was it he needed MORE AFRICAN MIXTURE from his father and that side of his family? Did he have to live in Kenya for many years to be considered a black man?

Everytime this man travels (from a visual viewpoint) he is seen as a "black man." I looked at Obama and I didn't mistake him for white. She said,"he's bi-racial" that does not count.
I am quite sure, "BARRY" Obama had to deal with this issue ALL his life. (hence him calling himself BARRY).

I get so tired of people who (since Obama's election ) have been making excuses as to why he won. GET OVER IT!! He won and the country has now started that path on healing. We didn't get our 400 acres and a mule, but we did get a white house.


2sweetnsaxy said...

I hear you. I'm tired of them not giving him real credit for simply inspiring people, for being someone the people feel "gets it". And as for him being "bi-racial", the truth is most Black Americans are bi-racial and it never mattered before. Most of "us" were bi-racial coming out of slavery and it never mattered.

In a way it's like the ones who point out his being bi-racial are still trying to find away to say he's better than being all Black. We still have so far to go. :-(

ettarose said...

That person is only trying to justify to himself that because he is bi racial it is ok to have him as President. For him to be black that would just be wrong. People are so ignorant