Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep Video Selection

Wayback when, a classic

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Sex Offenders

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I am sorry, I know that there are cases where some men/women are indeed innocent, but for the most part I just have no sympathy for anyone who would molest and innocent person sexually. Sex crimes are not crimes of passion, they are crimes of control. It is through this control and power that we have innocent children (because sadly, this crime is enforced more on children) have their lives changed forever.

I grew up with a classmate who ever day she had to wear tons and tons of clothes to bed because so her father would not molest her. She tried to tell her parents, they did not believe her. She tried to tell the teachers, they did not want to get involved. The sad outcome to this story is that this man is now serving a 25 year sentence (which he should be eligible for parole soon) for attempted rape on one of her friends (on our same block).

Parents, it is so important to listen to your children. It is important to understand that their can be a man or woman in your life who can lead this double life and causing harm to your children.

I don't give a bleep or may I be so bold to say a damn, about any of those perverts that were caught in Texas in the commune. Innocent children who were brainwashed to believe that salvation was sought through sexual acts with men that were 40 years old and older is not a laughing matter. These children become grown women and the cycle continues.

The question that taking those kids out of that commune is how fear is it to remove children from their parents. I don't know about you, but the word "parental guidance," means guiding your children through the "right" path in life. We now have over 400 children whose conception of life involves following old white men to their spiritual salvation. Who believe that their body is not their own, but belongs to a commune of people representing God and control.

I don't give a bleep is writing this with a heavy heart. When will justice be served and anyone who does wrong to a child gets put away, not for a couple of years, but for life. Latter Day Saints? their is nothing saintly about raping a minor. This is my opinion.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank You Regina's Family Seasons

african american art

Idon'tgiveableep would just like to take a second to thank "Regina's Family Seasons" for making my blog her blog of the week. I feel honored and usually I don' t give a bleep, but that is only about things that are crazy in this world. I read Regina's blog (and I encourage those of you who have done so to get to stepping) and it brought a feeling of peace and serenity to me.

Even though I write of negative things I find in my life, the world. I find that a healthy balance leads to a wonderful existence.

Cheers Regina.

I Don't Give A Bleep About-AirlineWars


I am trying to go to New York in July. Why is it so difficult to get a plane ticket from now, for less then $600.00? From California to New York $600.00 (oneway). Are you kidding. I went on Priceline, United Airlines (that was a mistake), JetBlue, Southwest (which strangely does not go to NYC, even though I flew on it last year to NYC). So I tried all these airlines and I think they were talking to each other. Same fare.

Finally, I found one on CheapTickets.com. Of course I have to leave at 1am to get into New York some God forsaken time the next day (therefore wasting a whole day) but I got one that was reasonable. What is reasonable, $179.00 round trip. I put that credit card number in so fast, I think I got carpal tunnel typing.

I understand about the fuel issue, but I mean the gasoline stations are doing us in, the taxi service has gone up, what are we to do. Ride a bicycle to New York City? I mean they are not feeding us anymore. God help you if you didn't eat before you got on the plane and worse yet if you didn't take a snack. The airlines will throw stale peanuts at you forever. It is sad.

I use to love Planters (not anymore). What are we to do. We are just lonely peons. So if we have to travel, I guess we have no choice, but to fork up the dough.

I Don't Give a Bleep About -Tax Evaders


Well, one thing is a certainty in life, tax and death. If the tax doesn't kill us first. I am so sick of celebrities not paying their taxes. What makes them so special? The latest one being Wesley Snipes. I love his movies, but I also paid to see his movies, which enabled him to garner an income. Now, Mr. Snipes you chose to live in at triple figure house, I didn't. All Uncle Sam said, if you make it, imma take it. However Mr. Snipes you felt it was "beneath you" to pay taxes for more then 10 years.

But U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges said Snipes exhibited a "history of contempt over a period of time" for U.S. tax laws, and granted prosecutors the sentence they requested — one year for each of Snipes' convictions of willfully failing to file a tax return from 1999-2001.

His argument was that he did not feel the government should collect taxes. Well, there I agree, but since my bible states, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar," then even from biblical times it seems that money owed should be paid.

Didn't this guy play SIM CITY? I mean in order to be Mayor of Sim City you had to have money to fix things that went wrong in your city. That means that you had to tax certain things to get the funding. So even though I don't like paying taxes, I understand the premise behind it. We need it in order to maintain a stable economy.

Idontgivebleep is satisfied that justice has been served. If it was you or I it would not take us 10 years to get audited and convicted. Since celebs put on their pants one leg at time I feel that makes them the same as you and I.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I don''t Give a Bleep About -noise pollution


Stop honking y0ur horn at me. I am so tired of folks blowing their horn at me when I am driving. I am in the slow lane for a reason. It is because I feel like going slow. I am driving 65 because it is the speed limit. So why the heck are you blowing your horn at me. You know some people blow their horn for no damn reason. I think just because it a part of the car. That is so rude.

I tripped out the other day. I didn't drive and took the bus downtown. Why was someone honking at the bus because it pulled over to pick up a passenger. Huh? Were they morons? Who honks at a bus? If someone cuts me off, I am like, whatever. It cost too much to be stressed at strangers. Not to mention it makes absolutely no damn sense.

We have people honking, we have loud music blaring. Yeah, wait I got to write about my Idon'tgiveableep about these kids playing their music loud. That is the worse noise pollution. Why do you need 50 speakers in your Volkswagen beetle? Is that necessary.

I think that crazy show, "Pimp My Ride" added to the madness. Now everyone wants their car bling blinging with speakers larger then the ride.

I Don't Give a Bleep About - Disrespect


Well, I was gone a minute but I have to keep it real and tell you what gets my goat is people that are disrespectful. We seem to have lost that in America. It seems this stems from the fact that many people have lost self respect for themselves.

Growing up I remember when an old lady gets on any form of public transportation that a man stands up and offers her a seat. Nowadays Granny is on her own. She better bring her own seat on the train or bus. We could not use profanity in the presence of any adult (well we weren't suppose to be using it anyway). The words that come out of these kids mouth is ridiculous.

Idon'tgiveableep would not give two bleeps before she knocks them into next year! I can't stand children that have foul mouths. Of course we cannot even raise our voice at our children. That is a no no. We have to talk to Johnnie and Susie in a calm voice. Shoot, Johnnie and Susie better not be my kids. I don't tolerate that nonsense.

And you guys should not either! we need to take back the right to discipline our kids as we see fit, without government intervention.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep -Medical Billing

medical billing clerk

In the United States Medical Billing is a mystery to me. I mean unless you know the ICD 9 codes (and they are free online if you want them) and the HIPAA Law. ( Health Insurance and Portability Accordance Act), then how can you accurately know if you were billed right?

Their are so many lawsuits from the consumers about inaccurate billing practices. This is especially high in private practices. If you broke your leg, their was a code for that. Now if you broke a toe and a part of your leg, then you get this combined code. It seems that more physicians are finding ways to double bill us or give us incorrect diagnosis to achieve the higher billing rate.

I say this because I was in the medical billing field. I left that field because I saw so much improprieties going on. This ranged from when I worked for a private practitioner and also when I worked for a major hospital in my local area.

I encourage people to please don't just go by what your medical biller provides you. Please look over your bill carefully. If you don't understand it, make sure you question your provider.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About- Rauncy Sex


Raunchy Sex for a woman over 40 is crazy as all get out. First off I can't even climb up on the Washing Machine like I use to, so that sucks. It is not cute if you are making out in the park and a cop tells you to stop. They just look at you all grossed out.

I am of the age now where intimacy far supersedes acrobatics an contortionist positions. You may agree or disagree, but I feel that people are so concerned about quantity of time, that they forget about quality of time. Sex is all over every media known to man. We are creating a society of people where we are so concerned with "technique" that we forget about that fact that when you are in love with a person you will find it to be a much more rewarding experience.

So, I am not saying I am anti Sex, I am anti crazy sex, which would make a man pee on a woman or viceversa to get him/her off. (or any other strange fetish).

I want to bring back Sex that is considered "special" between two people.

I Don't Give a Bleep About- Paris

I know I am ducking for cover on this one. How dare I speak negatively about the wonderful choice as "PARIS." Well, for one thing Paris is so overrated. It is dirty, tourist infested, and there is always someone trying to climb on her. Oh wait, you thought I was talking about the country huh? Nope, just blasting good old hypocrite Paris Hilton.

paris hilton



Here is a young woman who became famous for showing her Hoohah in a video. Come on, gimme a break. She went live on Larry King after her release from the Los Angeles County jail and stated she would be doing on these charity events. She Lied. I mean this young woman is a walking train wreck. Why are we fascinated with her? It is simple, sometimes when you turn on the news and you hear about the murders, the rapes, the sexual deviants, and so forth, then watching Paris Hilton is a breath of fresh air. She brings this crazy form of entertainment for us. Everyone wants to give their opinion on how to give her salvation. I say send her to West Africa, which she calls a country, leave her there for about 3 months helping the children with Aids and lets she how she feels coming back.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About - Butt Implants

What is up with people trying to give themselves fake booty's? Why would you give yourself a butt implant (aka Kim Kardashian)? : Buttock augmentation can be performed with a silicone implant material, with traditional fat grafting or with micro fat grafting that is combined with aggressive trunk liposuction (the Brazilian Butt Lift).

Now, I can tell you this see some women their is no need for fake booty's, because they have too much junk in the trunk. So do these fake butt women buy extra large pants sizes. I mean what in the world. What happens when you get older and your butt sags naturally. Do you buy a sagging butt implant, so it appears real? Dudes and Dudettes with fake booty's, you need to get with the program, it doesn't matter what you put in your pants to make it look real, when you get naked the truth does reveal itself. Love yourself and what God gave you. Work it it. Folks don't like fake people.