Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About- Paris

I know I am ducking for cover on this one. How dare I speak negatively about the wonderful choice as "PARIS." Well, for one thing Paris is so overrated. It is dirty, tourist infested, and there is always someone trying to climb on her. Oh wait, you thought I was talking about the country huh? Nope, just blasting good old hypocrite Paris Hilton.

paris hilton



Here is a young woman who became famous for showing her Hoohah in a video. Come on, gimme a break. She went live on Larry King after her release from the Los Angeles County jail and stated she would be doing on these charity events. She Lied. I mean this young woman is a walking train wreck. Why are we fascinated with her? It is simple, sometimes when you turn on the news and you hear about the murders, the rapes, the sexual deviants, and so forth, then watching Paris Hilton is a breath of fresh air. She brings this crazy form of entertainment for us. Everyone wants to give their opinion on how to give her salvation. I say send her to West Africa, which she calls a country, leave her there for about 3 months helping the children with Aids and lets she how she feels coming back.


Regina said...

I agree again!!

survivor said...

Thank you. I am so over her. Where are the folks with substance