Monday, April 28, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-AirlineWars


I am trying to go to New York in July. Why is it so difficult to get a plane ticket from now, for less then $600.00? From California to New York $600.00 (oneway). Are you kidding. I went on Priceline, United Airlines (that was a mistake), JetBlue, Southwest (which strangely does not go to NYC, even though I flew on it last year to NYC). So I tried all these airlines and I think they were talking to each other. Same fare.

Finally, I found one on Of course I have to leave at 1am to get into New York some God forsaken time the next day (therefore wasting a whole day) but I got one that was reasonable. What is reasonable, $179.00 round trip. I put that credit card number in so fast, I think I got carpal tunnel typing.

I understand about the fuel issue, but I mean the gasoline stations are doing us in, the taxi service has gone up, what are we to do. Ride a bicycle to New York City? I mean they are not feeding us anymore. God help you if you didn't eat before you got on the plane and worse yet if you didn't take a snack. The airlines will throw stale peanuts at you forever. It is sad.

I use to love Planters (not anymore). What are we to do. We are just lonely peons. So if we have to travel, I guess we have no choice, but to fork up the dough.


Regina said...

Sad, I flew from NY to Texas a couple months ago. We used priceline but had so many problems with the flight being canceled twice and priceline would not refund any of the money. It was the same as paying regular prices!

survivor said...

I will never use Priceline again. That is such a rip off. They will not refund anyone. Regina the sad thing is that sometimes we think we are getting a deal (saving money) and it is sometimes not worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...