Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About - Disrespect


Well, I was gone a minute but I have to keep it real and tell you what gets my goat is people that are disrespectful. We seem to have lost that in America. It seems this stems from the fact that many people have lost self respect for themselves.

Growing up I remember when an old lady gets on any form of public transportation that a man stands up and offers her a seat. Nowadays Granny is on her own. She better bring her own seat on the train or bus. We could not use profanity in the presence of any adult (well we weren't suppose to be using it anyway). The words that come out of these kids mouth is ridiculous.

Idon'tgiveableep would not give two bleeps before she knocks them into next year! I can't stand children that have foul mouths. Of course we cannot even raise our voice at our children. That is a no no. We have to talk to Johnnie and Susie in a calm voice. Shoot, Johnnie and Susie better not be my kids. I don't tolerate that nonsense.

And you guys should not either! we need to take back the right to discipline our kids as we see fit, without government intervention.


LadyBanana said...

AS a kid I used to be scared of adults - kids these days don't care what they do or say and if you say anything back they will either knife you, beat you up or rob you!

survivor said...

Ladybanana, that is the truth. We can't even correct children or they might kill us (even the ones under 12). The world is sad.