Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I don''t Give a Bleep About -noise pollution


Stop honking y0ur horn at me. I am so tired of folks blowing their horn at me when I am driving. I am in the slow lane for a reason. It is because I feel like going slow. I am driving 65 because it is the speed limit. So why the heck are you blowing your horn at me. You know some people blow their horn for no damn reason. I think just because it a part of the car. That is so rude.

I tripped out the other day. I didn't drive and took the bus downtown. Why was someone honking at the bus because it pulled over to pick up a passenger. Huh? Were they morons? Who honks at a bus? If someone cuts me off, I am like, whatever. It cost too much to be stressed at strangers. Not to mention it makes absolutely no damn sense.

We have people honking, we have loud music blaring. Yeah, wait I got to write about my Idon'tgiveableep about these kids playing their music loud. That is the worse noise pollution. Why do you need 50 speakers in your Volkswagen beetle? Is that necessary.

I think that crazy show, "Pimp My Ride" added to the madness. Now everyone wants their car bling blinging with speakers larger then the ride.


LadyBanana said...

I can't imagine what that kind of sound level does to these ppl's ears, it's bad enough hearing it pass by on the street, but to be in the vehicle - wow!!!

Regina said...

I love to come by here and read your latest rants, they are hilarious!!

But I am sure You don't give a Bleep about me really enjoying your blog... but I do really enjoy it!

Tigress said...

LOL! Me - imagining that I'm probably one of those people blowing their horn at you. What did you do!? :-D

Regina said...

Just wanted you to know that I posted you as my "Blog Of The Week"!

Have an awesome day!

survivor said...

Ladybanana, it is terrible over here. Sometimes people are trying to sleep and at 2am here comes the loud booming noise from the cars.

survivor said...

Regina, thank you so much for he award. I actually do GIVE A BLEEP (((LOL))) about wonderful people such as yourself. I will go over to your site to acknowledge the award

survivor said...

Tigress, I am very passive aggressive. I would just shake my head.