Friday, April 11, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep -Medical Billing

medical billing clerk

In the United States Medical Billing is a mystery to me. I mean unless you know the ICD 9 codes (and they are free online if you want them) and the HIPAA Law. ( Health Insurance and Portability Accordance Act), then how can you accurately know if you were billed right?

Their are so many lawsuits from the consumers about inaccurate billing practices. This is especially high in private practices. If you broke your leg, their was a code for that. Now if you broke a toe and a part of your leg, then you get this combined code. It seems that more physicians are finding ways to double bill us or give us incorrect diagnosis to achieve the higher billing rate.

I say this because I was in the medical billing field. I left that field because I saw so much improprieties going on. This ranged from when I worked for a private practitioner and also when I worked for a major hospital in my local area.

I encourage people to please don't just go by what your medical biller provides you. Please look over your bill carefully. If you don't understand it, make sure you question your provider.


LadyBanana said...

That's where we are lucky in the UK.. the good old (somewhat oversubscribed )NHS!

Claire said...

I was going to write what Lady Banana said, thank fook for the NHS! :)

Ria said...

I thought about getting into medical coding, until I took the class. That stuff is so hard to figure out, I dropped the class. the best way to learn it is on the job, but most companies want you to have your health information degree.

survivor said...

LadyB and Claire, everyone has better health care then America

survivor said...

I know you can't even say you have a "course degree," Now they want you to have an accredited degree like a bachelors or masters