Monday, December 29, 2008

Most talked about celebrity this year

.....and the winner is



I don't give a bleep about Dirty Fingernails

That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Folks who don't wash their hands properly. I remember once I was visiting my girlfriends house, and she was preparing a meal for us. Okay, why did I observe her not only NOT wash her hands before she handled the meat, (chicken), but she also had about a 10 day supply of crude under her nails.

I think the Korean lady up the street would have fun with her at the nail shop. Lawd. Then she slaps the chicken on the *unwiped* counter and starts seasoning it. A long story short, I conveniently had a "tummy ache" and did not eat at her home that day.

I am single so I tend to date occasionally and that is one thing I do check out on a man. (his fingernails). I mean if you work outside and you didn't have time to shower (before the date), I understand. However, how can you show up on a date with mystery dirt under you nails and your hands looking like you shovel dirt for a living?

I am just not getting it.

I am so Happy this Year is Ended

Okay, I really was just going to let this blog go completely. It has been so difficult to manage this blog and manage the craziness in my life. The fact that I now have to type at the library sucks too. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that fat dude with the beard treated everyone right.

Many, I just have to say something about folks who "regift." What is that about? That is why I prefer gift cards. It allows me to go out and by what I really want and not have to talk about the "cheap" folks that give me things they didn't want. (yeah read this like THAT never happened to any of you

Don't Regift the Gift Wrappings-LOL

Everyone can tell when something has hung around in a gift box for a year. Cardboard gets soft and seems to absorb the odors of wherever it was stored and old gift wrap can be spotted just by the feel of it. When regifting, do not use recycled gift bags, paper or tissue. Throw it all out and buy new and take a little extra time to make the wrapping look fresh and attractive.

I got what I wanted this Christmas and that was food, shelter and good health. These are things that many folks take for granted in this world. The madness of running all over creation to buy things (that some of us can't afford) to make this person happy is kinda crazy to me.

I like to give gifts (little acts of kindness) throughout the year. Opening up credit cards or extending credit (which I don't have) for one day doesn't appeal to me.

So hopefully your New Year will be really awesome!

Yeah, I'm coming back for the NEW YEAR (cause this really was suppose to be my GOODBYE POST)...but then I started going on and on about Christmas crap.

Anyhow, worst gift to give ANYONE below...(I hope you didn't give folks this)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Put Some Clothes On Bob

Bob before

Bob After

Robert Crowley considers himself a cross between Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe.Robert is a high school physics teacher in Gorham, Maine and holds both Associate and Bachelor degrees in forestry from the University of Maine


Okay, I can breathe now that I have written this

Awright Kinshar, if I did it for you


Lawd, what we won't do for our "peoples" (lol). Okay, Kinshar don't like my word verification. So I really haven't had any crazy azz folks attack my posts yet, so for sistah Kinshar I will see "temporarily" how it goes removing my word verification.

It is in place to control spamming. Cause you know some crazy spamming folks out there.

so for da sistah ova at Kinshar's World

Now stay strong sis. I know you loves your African and all but now "REALLY" would he turn off word vefication for

Check this crazy sista's site out. She wild and real. Actually like me

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Claus Sucks- (kids close your eyes!)

drunken santa Pictures, Images and Photos

What is with these Santas lately? Why are they looking so malnourished. Dang! I remember when my mom use to let me sit on Santas lap when I was a little kid. I think I peed on one of them (yup knowing me I did).

I use to think, what is this fat, white dude in the beard gonna do for me. We live in the projects, we don't have a roof and I know he gonna fall off the fire escape and die. However, ever year Santa must have made it up that fire escape cause we got our gifts and the reindeers got their cookies.

sadam santa Pictures, Images and Photos

I have to admit I was thirsty and use to sneak back and drink the milk.

I went to the Mall yesterday and I swear Santa Claus must be anorexic. His belt was falling off, his beard was real but it looked like he hadn't taken a bath in awhile and he HO HO HO was not jolly at all.

I know I wouldn't let my kid sit on his lap, he looked like he was a perv. Yup, Santa Claus all the real Santas are gone. Santa just sucks man..

I don't give a bleep about Giftwrap

wrapping paper mess Pictures, Images and Photos

What is this fascination with giftwrap that some folks have. I have to say if I could dump all my gifts in ths big bag for the holidays and then tell folks come on by and get it I would. I hate wrapping gifts. It is the most mundane, senseless task. We spend hours wrapping it (to get it just right) and most folks take less then 10 seconds to demolish your wrapping paper to get to the goodies.

Gimme a "brown Paper bag," a pair of scissors, and some scotchtape. VOILA!! gift wrapped.

Babies have the right idea, they will tear off the wrapper, dump out the gift and play with the box.