Monday, December 29, 2008

I am so Happy this Year is Ended

Okay, I really was just going to let this blog go completely. It has been so difficult to manage this blog and manage the craziness in my life. The fact that I now have to type at the library sucks too. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that fat dude with the beard treated everyone right.

Many, I just have to say something about folks who "regift." What is that about? That is why I prefer gift cards. It allows me to go out and by what I really want and not have to talk about the "cheap" folks that give me things they didn't want. (yeah read this like THAT never happened to any of you

Don't Regift the Gift Wrappings-LOL

Everyone can tell when something has hung around in a gift box for a year. Cardboard gets soft and seems to absorb the odors of wherever it was stored and old gift wrap can be spotted just by the feel of it. When regifting, do not use recycled gift bags, paper or tissue. Throw it all out and buy new and take a little extra time to make the wrapping look fresh and attractive.

I got what I wanted this Christmas and that was food, shelter and good health. These are things that many folks take for granted in this world. The madness of running all over creation to buy things (that some of us can't afford) to make this person happy is kinda crazy to me.

I like to give gifts (little acts of kindness) throughout the year. Opening up credit cards or extending credit (which I don't have) for one day doesn't appeal to me.

So hopefully your New Year will be really awesome!

Yeah, I'm coming back for the NEW YEAR (cause this really was suppose to be my GOODBYE POST)...but then I started going on and on about Christmas crap.

Anyhow, worst gift to give ANYONE below...(I hope you didn't give folks this)

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