Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About- Parking Enforcement

You are sitting in the restaurant, you see her making her way towards your vehicle. Like O.J. Simpson you make a dart through the restaurant and a mad dash towards the door. You run like a gazelle, but still as you leap for the parking meter, the ticket goes under the windshield.

What is wrong with these people, have they no compassion. I live near San Francisco and half those meters are broken. So you have to drive to dang near the next town to find a parking spot.

I understand though they are doing their duty, but some of them are too ticky tacky. One minute left to move your car to the opposite side of the street and already they calling someone to get a boot on your vehicle

Their has to be a better way to enforce parking. Well enough of my rant for today

I Got Favorite Blog of the Day

I want to thank Entrecard Favorites for awarding me the blog of the day for March 26th. Here is a review she had of my blog, "this blog cracks me up. Lots of posts filled with humor and fun and things the author doesn't "give a bleep about," as her subtitle says "there are just some things I don't care about and I don't care that you don't care about them either."

She gave an accurate assessment. Life is too short to really worry about what people think about us. Sometimes we spend our whole life trying to be pleasures and the truth of the matter is in the long run, who cares.

So check out her blog, lots of cool contest an prizes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Nasty Hotel Practices

I found this video that showed what some hotels do with our drinking glasses, how gross

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Pooper Scoopers

What good are pooper scoopers? People don't really seem to use them, as evidenced by the offending mass I had to scrap off the bottom of my shoe yesterday. There are a regular set of "dog walkers" in my apartment complex. This does not mean they get together and walk their dogs. No, on the contrary, they get together and let their dogs poop freely on the complex lawns.

I have made mention to it to the apartment manager, but all they could tell me if I see them "doing it," to let the owners know I was unhappy. See, now is he gonna bail me out from jail? I can't see me just walking up and politely saying, "you know your dog has been crapping near my window for about a month now? " "Could you please stop your dog from crapping by my window."

I don't see one pooper scooper in hand. I don't see any bags, plastic or paper. All I can see owners letting "scruffy" run wild as hell, like our grass is some sort of jungle playground.

ArggggggggggggH!! I hate people who don't clean up after their pets.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Crazy Drivers

You know that I know that you know that all of us have experienced some crazy drivers in our lifetime. The ones that cut you off from the far left lane to do that last minute exit. The drivers that are constantly on your butt on a major freeway for no damn reason. The drivers that have their signals on for a mile or more and they do not exit.

I especially hate the drivers that do 55 in the fast lane. Move your sorry behinds over. Then have the nerve to flip you off if you "accidentally" touch their car with your front bumper.

This is my biggest pet peeve. What are some of your driving pet peeves.

Below is a video of one crazy ass driver. Keep your eye on the cars that are slowing down. Watch the left right far lane.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Easter

I know I am going to catch a case for this comment, but Easter has just become too commercial. I grew up and Easter was about the celebration of Christ. We went to church, the Pastor had the children school participate in the egg hunt, it was a celebration of life.

You didn't see Easter baskets in December. What the hell is that about? Easter was about family. I loved to see the Easter Parade on the television. As I have gotten older and my children are grown, I don't feel like leaving my house 2 hours early just to get a seat at church. I feel Easter has become this big hypocritic scene. I just am not feeling it, even the Easter Bunny in the Mall is starting to look like could care less about Easter too. Since when did parents compete to give Easter presents (not baskets), I mean huge Christmas like gifts to kids.

I Do Not Give a Bleep About-Porcelain Sinks

Aren't Porcelain sinks outlawed (as well as outdated)? Are people still using these? I remember when I had to scrub an scrub those darn sinks with Comet or Ajak just to get it clean. I hated it. I was overjoyed when the stainless steel sinks came out. I was even more stoked when those little mats were invented to place in the bottom of the sink.

Of course stainless steel sink has its down fall as well. I mean you can scratch then up too. However, they are so much easier to clean. Yeah, I am weird, but I love my sink. Sometimes I just shine it and stand back looking at it.

You folks living in the 15th century better get it together. Get that nice smooth stainless steel. Don't worry about cracking or chipping. Trust me you won't be sorry.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep about Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are the most annoying insect around. You are at the great barbecue and suddenly you hear that annoying buzz. You look around it is not a bee (because you can see them coming a mile away). Nope! It is a darn mosquito. Just hovering around to suck you dry. I am allergic to them too, so when they bite me I swell up like when Aunt Jenny got hit in the head with the frying pan.

They need to create a "mosquito free zone" in picnic areas. I mean you go to this area of the park and you can enjoy all the wonderful scenery in the park, but under this huge dome.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About- Soft Toilet Seats

I can't stand soft toilet seats. Is it just me? I mean feel that I want to get in there do what I got to do and come out. I have a hard enough time trying to get up from the chair, now I have to worry about a soft throne too?

I know they are comfortable, but do you want your "throne" to be padded? Don't you want it to feel supportive. What about the cracking? I mean I have been to friends house who have that soft seats and they are not overweight by any means but the seats are cracked.

Just leave me with my standard toilet set and I will be a happy camper

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Spock

No, I don't care about Spock because Captain Kirk was the man. Yes, come on ladies we know we didn't watch that show to see what was happening in the "Final Fronteir." It was for fine ass Captain Kirk (William Shatner).

Kirk, had all the honeys. Spock just couldn't compute. He didn't understand why Kirk kept getting all the honeys. Man Spock was out of his Vulcan mind. Seriously though you know we would not have gone out with a man with ears like that. If looking a a man's ears tells me anything about their package, well all I can say when I look at Spock is "GOD HELP US!".

Nope William Shatner's character was the man. Spock was the comic relief.

...wait Scottie was kinda hot too though. See preview of the 2009 new Star Trek movie

Hair Club For Men

Okay, I know I should be sympathetic about men who have lost their hair, but honestly I can't. Come on people, hairloss has been determined to be from many different causes. I mean are you a man who has gradually lost hair in the front or on the top of your head and has relatives with similar hair loss? Well, then this might be male-pattern baldness(heriditery).

Then you ha club for men.jpgve stress, ringworm, anxiety, an a host of other ailments (and women can be in the club too) that might also be contributing factors.

Okay, but as you grown older and the hair loss is apparent why look like the gentleman below

He know he needs to just quit. See why I don't give a bleep. Cause of sad ass folks like Donald Trump, who make men who lose their hair feel bad about it. Let your scalp be free men!! we love to rub that oil on it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-little titty women

Small breast or no breast women stop whining. You don't suffer from back problems. You don't hold up a bra in a store and folks think they are unusally large cup holders. So stop it. I have a girlfriend who is thinking about breast augumentation to enlarge her breasts. She is a C cup. I mean C is not small to me. She claims she is tired of her boyfriend looking at big titty women.
Well I say if you have the money go for it. Buy those big melons.

On the other hand my girlfriend with the 44ddd will tell you a different story. She had hers reduced recently. Which means she can now walk without that hunch look. She can even run without holding her chest. She can wash dishes without her breasts falling in the sink. Yeah. I think she would not be too sympathetic to my other friend.

Now this video below about this man who was denied a breast reduction operation puts a whole new spin on this topic.

I Don' Give a Bleep About Your Missing Delagates

That's right Hillary stop whining. You won Texas and Ohio. Those should make you feel better, so why the heck are you still whining an griping? Because you still are behind in delegates.

According to political analyst, Jennifer Palmieri "Until this victory, there was a very good chance that Clinton would drop out of the race," Palmieri was also someone who advised former Presidential candidate John Edwards.

I think that is the way to win the race girlfriend, run smear campaign, whine, accuse folks of favoritism and of course go on SNL (Saturday Night Live) before the big primary.