Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hair Club For Men

Okay, I know I should be sympathetic about men who have lost their hair, but honestly I can't. Come on people, hairloss has been determined to be from many different causes. I mean are you a man who has gradually lost hair in the front or on the top of your head and has relatives with similar hair loss? Well, then this might be male-pattern baldness(heriditery).

Then you ha club for men.jpgve stress, ringworm, anxiety, an a host of other ailments (and women can be in the club too) that might also be contributing factors.

Okay, but as you grown older and the hair loss is apparent why look like the gentleman below

He know he needs to just quit. See why I don't give a bleep. Cause of sad ass folks like Donald Trump, who make men who lose their hair feel bad about it. Let your scalp be free men!! we love to rub that oil on it.

1 comment:

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

You miss the point.

Donald's hair is part of his famous real estate empire. It's a creation to be admired.