Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Pooper Scoopers

What good are pooper scoopers? People don't really seem to use them, as evidenced by the offending mass I had to scrap off the bottom of my shoe yesterday. There are a regular set of "dog walkers" in my apartment complex. This does not mean they get together and walk their dogs. No, on the contrary, they get together and let their dogs poop freely on the complex lawns.

I have made mention to it to the apartment manager, but all they could tell me if I see them "doing it," to let the owners know I was unhappy. See, now is he gonna bail me out from jail? I can't see me just walking up and politely saying, "you know your dog has been crapping near my window for about a month now? " "Could you please stop your dog from crapping by my window."

I don't see one pooper scooper in hand. I don't see any bags, plastic or paper. All I can see owners letting "scruffy" run wild as hell, like our grass is some sort of jungle playground.

ArggggggggggggH!! I hate people who don't clean up after their pets.


LadyBanana said...

I SO agree with you, I find it absolutely disgusting having to clean off my shoes..

Sometimes round here it's a job to tiptoe round the crap!

Qelqoth said...

Solution: Scoop up mess using paper carrier bag, place in front of neighbours door, set bag of mess ablaze, knock door, walk away. Repeat until offending pet owner gets fed up and accepts responsibility. :)

Failing that, you could always try the Mallrats "Pretzel" technique. I've done it myself and I'll tell you this - its a small price to pay for absolute misery to others. :D

Jeff, a professional scooper said...

Why not suggest to your management that they hire a professional scooping company to come once a week?

Need one? Contact me, I'll find one for you anywhere in the country.

survivor said...

ladybanana, It is beyond ridiculous where I live. We have lots of beautiful grass in the apartment complex. I think folks thought it was grown just to have their dog use it as toilet facilities

survivor said...

Ha ha, gelgoth that would be the ideal situation if I knew where they live. There are so many people doing it that it really is impossible to manage. I have complained to management though.

survivor said...

Hi Jeff, actually I did not know their was such a company. interesting? You know I might indeed make mention of it to my management here at the complex.