Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Do Not Give a Bleep About-Porcelain Sinks

Aren't Porcelain sinks outlawed (as well as outdated)? Are people still using these? I remember when I had to scrub an scrub those darn sinks with Comet or Ajak just to get it clean. I hated it. I was overjoyed when the stainless steel sinks came out. I was even more stoked when those little mats were invented to place in the bottom of the sink.

Of course stainless steel sink has its down fall as well. I mean you can scratch then up too. However, they are so much easier to clean. Yeah, I am weird, but I love my sink. Sometimes I just shine it and stand back looking at it.

You folks living in the 15th century better get it together. Get that nice smooth stainless steel. Don't worry about cracking or chipping. Trust me you won't be sorry.

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