Thursday, July 9, 2009

I don't give a bleep about new slot machines

I don't gamble, however if I go to Vegas or Reno occasionally I enjoy playing the slot machines. What has happened to the slot machines? Whose bright idea was it to create "penny machines?" These machines are such a rip -off. We all know 100 pennies equal one dollar. So why is it that in order to really get any returns off of these penny machines you have to put in about $5.00?

I miss the "one arm bandit." The feel of power when you pulled that handle and let er rip! What a rush. The lights flashing, flashing, man this was one orgasmic feeling when you heard that wonderful sound of all the lights flashing, indicating a big payoff. The sound of the clinking coins was so surreal.

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I know most of the machines still give you the choice of pulling the handles, but now the clinking is replaced with a little slip of paper-with the denomination you have won. Such an injustice.

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It takes me half the night to read the rules on the slot machines, that by the time I finally understand the game, it is time to close up the darn casino.

I want my OLD machines back. I want my one- arm bandits back. I want to carry my buckets around and show off all the way to the cash out machine. If someone even thinks of robbing me I will just take one of my rolled up coins and knock them out. God the good old days

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I don''t give a bleep about rude people on cell phones

Currently I don't have a computer at home. This means I have to do these posts at the library. There is this big sign that says, " Please be courteous and turn your cell phones off." So what happened today, this lady sitting next to me decides this was a truck stop or something. Not only was she on her cell phone, she was loud, using profanity and eating.

I guess if you are going to break the rules, you should go all the way. I tolerated her for about 10 minutes before I -politely- asked her to please lower her voice. Did you notice I did not ask her to get off the phone, stop eating or stop cursing. Simply to lower her voice.

Of course "homechick" had to act stupid. She got louder, rolled her eyes, and continued her behaviour. I then had to go to the librarian and state my complaint. Long and short of this story, the lady was asked to leave. I found out I was not the only one who complained.

I mean at what point did you not realize you were in a library, that there were young kids there and you were making a fool of yourself.

A similar situation happened when I was at the movie theater. A person on their cell phone, telling the entire movie to a friend. I didn't say anything to this person, but someone else in the theater did. Wow, that was more exciting (the exchange) then the movie.

There was a law passed and you are NOT (in some states) suppose to be talking on your cell phone while driving -texting as well. This is so inconsiderate as well as dangerous. I can go on and on, but I suppose someone will add more observations about bad Cell phone etiquette.

Leave Michael Jackson Alone

Good Grief, the man is dead people. It is interesting how someone who is artistically a musical genuis can have so many hateful things stated about in death. Was Michael eccentic? yes Was he a peodiophile? I don't know- I wasn't there. After a lengthy trial, we have folks who rendered a verdict that says he wasn't.

I read one blog- Mexica Movement- where the caption is "Born Black, Died White." I hate to break the news to these people but changing your skin complexion does not change your ethniticity. The most hateful blog-in my opinion- was a post done on HUFFINGTON POST (need I say more)- the headline reads, "Michael Jackson couldn't sing, was gay and died skeletal."

It says a lot about folks that love ratings. I remember the Jackson 5/Jacksons and the wonderful joy their music brought to the world. How many people do you know that the world would grieve for. Since Michael's Jackson's sudden and unexpected death there has been a surge in demand for his recordings and memorabilia. This has included hundreds of items including albums, posters and T-shirts have been listed on auction Web site eBay. And sales of his recordings have skyrocketed in shops and on music download sites.

Let his family, and kids grieve in peace. As I stated earlier I choose to remember the -Artist- A man whose music brought a smile to my face.