Thursday, December 4, 2008

I don't give a bleep about Giftwrap

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What is this fascination with giftwrap that some folks have. I have to say if I could dump all my gifts in ths big bag for the holidays and then tell folks come on by and get it I would. I hate wrapping gifts. It is the most mundane, senseless task. We spend hours wrapping it (to get it just right) and most folks take less then 10 seconds to demolish your wrapping paper to get to the goodies.

Gimme a "brown Paper bag," a pair of scissors, and some scotchtape. VOILA!! gift wrapped.

Babies have the right idea, they will tear off the wrapper, dump out the gift and play with the box.

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Anonymous said...

hey thats the best part about christmas...the wrapping. Ok I tell you what, you dont have to wrap mine..I will wrap it