Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Sex Offenders

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I am sorry, I know that there are cases where some men/women are indeed innocent, but for the most part I just have no sympathy for anyone who would molest and innocent person sexually. Sex crimes are not crimes of passion, they are crimes of control. It is through this control and power that we have innocent children (because sadly, this crime is enforced more on children) have their lives changed forever.

I grew up with a classmate who ever day she had to wear tons and tons of clothes to bed because so her father would not molest her. She tried to tell her parents, they did not believe her. She tried to tell the teachers, they did not want to get involved. The sad outcome to this story is that this man is now serving a 25 year sentence (which he should be eligible for parole soon) for attempted rape on one of her friends (on our same block).

Parents, it is so important to listen to your children. It is important to understand that their can be a man or woman in your life who can lead this double life and causing harm to your children.

I don't give a bleep or may I be so bold to say a damn, about any of those perverts that were caught in Texas in the commune. Innocent children who were brainwashed to believe that salvation was sought through sexual acts with men that were 40 years old and older is not a laughing matter. These children become grown women and the cycle continues.

The question that taking those kids out of that commune is how fear is it to remove children from their parents. I don't know about you, but the word "parental guidance," means guiding your children through the "right" path in life. We now have over 400 children whose conception of life involves following old white men to their spiritual salvation. Who believe that their body is not their own, but belongs to a commune of people representing God and control.

I don't give a bleep is writing this with a heavy heart. When will justice be served and anyone who does wrong to a child gets put away, not for a couple of years, but for life. Latter Day Saints? their is nothing saintly about raping a minor. This is my opinion.

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Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Bravely and eloquently said.