Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About- Rauncy Sex


Raunchy Sex for a woman over 40 is crazy as all get out. First off I can't even climb up on the Washing Machine like I use to, so that sucks. It is not cute if you are making out in the park and a cop tells you to stop. They just look at you all grossed out.

I am of the age now where intimacy far supersedes acrobatics an contortionist positions. You may agree or disagree, but I feel that people are so concerned about quantity of time, that they forget about quality of time. Sex is all over every media known to man. We are creating a society of people where we are so concerned with "technique" that we forget about that fact that when you are in love with a person you will find it to be a much more rewarding experience.

So, I am not saying I am anti Sex, I am anti crazy sex, which would make a man pee on a woman or viceversa to get him/her off. (or any other strange fetish).

I want to bring back Sex that is considered "special" between two people.


Regina said...

LOL!! I love your post. First the pictures turned me off but as I read the post I just had to laugh as I was agreeing!
As an almost 42 year old woman, with bad knees I so appreciate your post!

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

It's not so much age, as fitness, flexibility, libido, time and, if you look at the pictures, a close group of friends.


survivor said...

Yeah, sorry Regina about the pictures but I guess I was just trying to show crazy sex.

I am telling you. Can someone say we women just want a man that gives us a good hugh

survivor said...

Lord Andrew those folks in those pictures were "TOO" good a

2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm with you!