Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About- Men with Purses

Can someone explain to me what a man bag is? I had a friend the other day whose purse was WAY bigger than mine. Dang, he had all of Washington D.C . in there. Let me tell you there is no way a man can walk macho, with this bag slung low over their shoulder. Their is even a site called, "mister bag," where the man can choose, which wonderful purse he can accessorize with.

Okay, like I would ask the queen, "what do you have in there?" Men (I am saying REAL MEN) carry a wallet. I know I am pretty open minded, hail, I am plenty open minded, but come on people!!

Unless it is depends, what can you possibly have in there? Well, my friend from D.C. had his toiletries, Kleenex, comb (for his comb over), manicure set, wallet, book, (yes he had a ),eyeglasses, an a lighter (he doesn't even smoke).

Below are some "man bags" I found at the site above. Would you men carry this? Ladies, would you walk next to your man with these bags?

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Anonymous said...

I love a man with a purse.........

holding "MY"