Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks to My Top Droppers Entrecard

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I just want to thank some of my " Top Droppers" on my site. I know you guys have hung in there with me. I have 7 blogs so I am so happy that despite the fact (obviously) I don't get to this one as often as I would like, you still take the time to visit. Thanks so much.

Dropper # of drops
Dad - thedude 12
The Junk Drawer 11
life together starts 10
Gandalf and Grayson 8
Using Humor 6
Regina's Family Seasons 6
MakesYouLaugh 5
Knockout Jokes 5
Over a Cup of BARAKO 5
Self Improvement Ramblings 4


Regina said...

Wow, 7 blogs! Jeez, I am barely hanging on with the 1!!
Thanks for acknowledging us droppers!

Anonymous said...

Hi...Im new to your page...thanks for stopping by and showing some love.

What is the Entrecard...I wanna be a topper...LOL

survivor said...

Regina Yup 7 blogs. I use to have 10 but it got to hard to maintain that amount. It really makes me appreciate bingo

survivor said...

Kin' Shar , you are welcome. I enjoyed visiting your site