Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About- wedding rings

Don't get me wrong, I have been married and I love to wear a wedding ring as a sign of commitment to my partner and marriage....BUT....why does it TAKE so long to get rid of that DARN IMPRINT in your left finger when you get a divorce??

Dang, It has been 5 years now since I have been "officially" divorced and recently JUST stop seeing the imprint on my finger. It is like some bad HAIR know you buy it for temporary use but it ends up staining your scalp for months. wait...bad!

Now, then there is the cost. If it is a symbol of "love" why do some women have their "intended" spouse take out a loan to pay for the ring. If it is something you can't budget, then maybe you need a "smaller' commemoration of your love.

My ring (remember the one I said left that imprint for 5 years) cost little over $100.00. I got it on sale at J.C. Penny. You probably needed a microscope to see the diamond. Hey, but I was married for 23 years, so I don't think the cost of the "ring" was ever the issue.

Why don't men like to wear rings? My ex husband did (at least when I saw it on his hand) know how that story can goes. I hear everything from it itches, I don't want to lose it...and yada yada.

Then why does society "expect" a woman to wear a ring if she is married. Isn't that double standards?

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Lady Banana said...

I agree, it's daft to spend a small fortune on the ring..

So, on this note what do you think about a woman changing her surname when she marries?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, its there to remind you of your imperfected marriage...or maybe that you should have stayed together

survivor said...

I think a woman should have the right to keep her maiden name if she wants to...

come on now...if your name is Hog and the man's name is cheese

wouldn't that make you hogcheese?

survivor said...

Kin'shar girl it is control factor. You know when you put that collar on a dog to signify the dog is yours...the ring is a sign of property placement.