Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About Rude Bosses

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I know at least once in our working career (unless we have always been self employed) we have encountered someone who we worked for who was rude. Case in point, I went to work yesterday, I work in the retail industry which is challenging within itself, and my boss decides to have a hissy fit because our sales our down.

DUH, newsflash, everyone in retail is experiencing this. So she goes on for about 10 minutes with this "rant" about we need to be out there doing everything we can to make sure that we make our sales goals this week. Well, I got a lot going on right now and "sales goals" are really not my concern.

She then singles out (of course the quietest person) one of people in my division and reams then for about 10 minutes for something that could of been stated privately. I spoke up and told her that her actions on the work floor were inappropriate. Why did she tell me, "you know you need to stay out of this cause you "NEED" this job.

Okay, yes she is STILL alive, but lets just say that she won't be making those types of statements again. Just rude. I hate corporate America. I swear I do.


Anonymous said...

damn thats how he feels huh

how are you? Get rid of the word verifications...they

survivor said...

Okay I got rid of the word verifications? lol