Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-The DMV

Yes I am about to rant on my least favorite State Workers-The Department of Motor Vehicles. It doesn't matter what state you are in these folks (for some reason) are rude. I know it can be a challenging job but that does not excuse someone from common courtesy.

I filled out my daughters identification card form (she has a disability), paid for it. She took the pictures the whole nine yards and here it is 3 months (not two, but three months later), I am still arguing with them about why I didn't receive it.

It seem sometimes nice folks don't get a break, everyone mistakes kindness for stupidity. Okay, well finally I found one of the supervisors who was willing to take that extra round to make sure everything was okay. She investigated and it appears the screw up was on my post office side. They received the application but the carrier placed the identification in the wrong mail slot (hence I didn't get it). Luckily, the person turned (surrendered) it back in to the DMV department.

Okay, then would it NOT have been in your computer system. So, after finding this out, I went "Back" to the original person (who I had been dealing with for months) and inquired if they had different systems why she didn't see it. You know what the "hefer" told me? I thought you already knew it was returned. what? See some folks will make you lose your religion.

Whew..okay I feel much better now.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks said...

i agree these people are always rude.