Monday, October 6, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep About-Skid Marks

Yes you are reading right, my latest rant is about men who do not wash their "neither regions" properly. Now, you might say, this is quite a disgusting thing to address, but no more "strange" then people who act forget to use the "facilities," but do not wash their hands. Can say DOUBLE EWWWW!!

I have a boy (well a man now) who I taught that importance of "hygiene." So why OH LAWD WHY? do I have to do the laundry and THERE IT IS THE DREADED (everyone gasp now.....SKID MARK!!) The true sign of you did not use the WET ONES on the sink (right next to the toilet).

To some of you this may be the "forbidden Fruit" topic, but for me and my box of Tide, it is a sad thing.

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