Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Don't Give A Bleep About -Folks with Bad Teeth

I am single, so that means I am dating, (well, not right now, but I use to). My point is, in the dating world one of my biggest pet peeves are people who want to talk to you with ROTTEN TEETH.

I would rather talk to a dude with DENTURES then to talk to one that has rotten teeth. I mean how is that attractive?

I think guys feel women over 40 are so desperate that we will date ANYTHING!!..NOT!


Jen said...

This is one of my big turn offs too. And not just horribly bad teeth but slightly crooked teeth too. Tom Cruise's teeth are just slightly off and it drive's me nuts that he doesn't do anything about it. Jewel too. If I had bad teeth and had all that money I would go away for a while and get them fixed. There is no excuse for bad teeth.

~Static~ said...

I've got great teeth. Wanna date?

..I just have to clear it with my "significant other" first.

pehpot said...


EC dropping, have a nice day!

Make or Break

Jesse said...

True, when people socialize, one of the first things they look is the mouth (specifically, the teeth). Due to that, I always took care of my teeth by going to the Myrtle Beach dentists and having my dental cleaning no matter if I have a date with someone or not. With that routine, my friends has always asked me why do I have to be obsessive with my dental hygiene and chronic visit to the dentists. Myrtle Beach, I've explained to them, is a fantastic place to meet and to have friends, we should create an impression that you are the a person that takes care of him/herself and cares about how people see them.

chasedorsey720 said...
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Anonymous said...

Shallow motherfuckers.

Skrib said...

@chasedorsey720/Anonymous - lol you are so dumb. You are really, really dumb.

Here's what you originally posted, and then hastily deleted (probably because you didn't want your username associated with your comments,) you balless wonder.
Let's have a look at that, shall we?:

"Strangely enough I've never looked at anyone steeth while talking, because i'm not a shallow jackasss. 8D I feel proud their are motherfuckers on the internet that make me feel better about myself.

Enjoy your dental fetish."

In addition to your horrible punctuation and grammar, I take it that you have bad teeth - and the only persons you attract are toothless and physically unattractive overall. So WHY would you look at their teeth, or their faces?

Let's cut to the chase here. You felt enraged by this article which points out that your bad dental hygiene is the reason for your lack of dates with persons who have all of their teeth, and have standards about whom they are willing to have relations with. This has led to your severe inferiority complex regarding dentists, your teeth, and particularly, the teeth of others and their standards which you think are unrealistic or shallow.

Therefore, in your mixed up mind, persons who have good dental hygiene and standards are inferior to you (and fuck toothless mothers - probably including yours) because they take good care of their teeth.

When in reality, hygiene and attraction are synonymous with each other. It's true that some persons have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating. Some of their standards may also be unrealistic. But the general consensus amongst most people is that overall hygiene and health is important when considering a potential mate.

You find very few people who are "shallow" in this regard. I think your definition of "shallow" may need redefining. Shallow generally refers to someone who makes judgements against others unfairly. Is it so unfair to believe in a standard that may dictate the following, "I cannot sleep with this person because they do not have all of their teeth, they have really bad breath, and they haven't bathed lately"???

There is an old saying, "The standards you set, are what you will get." You will attract those who respect your standards and who have standards of their own...If you set the bar low, that's exactly what you're going to get.

By your own admission, your standards are pretty low. You use the internet to gauge your self-worth, and to draw comparisons between yourself and others. People that you've never met. Yet you state that they are the ones that are shallow. Does that not seem odd to you?

By those same admissions, one can assume that since you do not seem concerned with dental hygiene, you most likely do not bathe, and like to be around others that also do not bathe. It is also presumed that you are overweight and like 'em fat.

In conclusion, from all the evidence we have gathered up to this point, you are most likely a homeless person.

Oh, the irony!
Enjoy your lonely, unhealthy dental, homeless person fetish, chasedorsey720/Anonymous. I'm sure even you will find a fat toothless mother to fuck, if you try hard enough. Try the bag lady down the street. I hear she likes fat stanky toothless balless wonders like yourself. I love playing matchmaker!

Anonymous said...

Ahahah. An arguement about teeeth and a guy who feels like copy pasting shit.

Wow who cares about teeth. And no, mine are nice. They're used for eating. Also the punctuation in that wasn't really bad, moron, but you're all retards.

Super, mega, inferior, assinine retards.

Ben said...

Some people can't afford dental care and have other issues. Nice. Very nice of you to hate them.

Charlie Sheen said...

@Anonymous: You sound like a person of expertise in the area(s) you mentioned. Perhaps you should write a book on the subject(s) so that I can burn the only copy that sells.

Charlie Sheen said...

@Ben: Turn-offs and hating on someone are two different things. I'm not saying that there aren't people who make fun of people who lack all their teeth, but there are people who just simply find this unattractive.

Let's redirect here, cadre. I have a better point and question, Benny boy--Do you want to make out with someone who is toothless, or has really bad breath? I thought not. End of discussion.

Charlie Sheen said...

p.s. Fuck you all, you're a bunch of toothless trolls. Now give this warlock a gummy so I can shoot tiger blood down your throats and turn you into true Vatican assassins. Fastball!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have bad teeth but that doesn't make me a bad person,
Personally i wouldn't want to waste my time talking to any of you anyway alot of you sound like stuck up snobs...

Anon Y Mouse said...

@Anonymous: No one here has said they wouldn't listen to you, hang out with you, befriend you, or consider you a bad person because you don't have all your teeth. They probably just wouldn't want to kiss you or sleep with you. What's so hard to understand about that? Jeez.

Anon Y Mouse said...

p.s. here's a handy tip: try brushing and flossing BEFORE you become toothless fucks!

Anon Y Mouse said...

And another thing: try seeing a dentist more regularly and your oral hygiene might not be such an issue... mkay? Uh, duh-hur!

Anonymous said...

Stfu toothless retard ^^^

Anonymous said...

U stfu toothless dicksucking spunktard