Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not everyone can fit in that

I know in some parts of the country that spring is not even a thought, much less summer. However, I thought I would advise folks early. Please, don't try to squeeze your size 25 body into a size 12 bathing suit.

Last year, I almost fried my corneas, with the visions of beachwear that I saw. I know your sister or your mom told you that it was okay to wear that itsy, bitzy, polka-dot bikini, but trust me- THEY LIED.

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I have many friends that are in denial. I on the 0ther hand know that "denial" is NOT a river in Africa. The fact is my stomach (s) will never let me see myself in a two piece. I actually am alright with that. Over the years I have learned to love my belly. I mean it actually comes in handy sometimes. I rub it, I pat it, I can sit my plate on it. My belly is my friend.

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Would I like to lose weight? Sure, however in the process of trying to do so, I don't stuff myself into tight clothes. I hate tight clothing. First off it can cut off your circulation and of course the biggest reason (as previously mentioned), it is not cute!

So while some folks thaw out and dream of that wonderful sun in the fun time, remember that the mirror does not lie-wear clothing fits


Regina said...

I totally agree! I see women sometimes wearing things that in NO WAY should ever be on a fat body! But do they care?! NO! They need a big dose of reality!
By the way that picture...
There really are no words!

survivor said...

Ha, isn't that picture GROSS...okay, gross is mildly put.

Regina, I am a plus size person, PLUS I know that I look DAMN good because I wear clothes that FIT ME..having my breast hanging out of a top is JUST NOT CUTE

Anonymous said...

I'm not fat, but it's kind of funny to think some ppl think the mirror is lying when thier tummy in more than a foot long.

Anonymous said...

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