Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wrap it Up Folks!

Condom Styles

Super Sensitive condoms

Thin condoms
(Super Sensitive Condoms)
"Follow me to the land of Feelgood"

strong condoms

Strong Condoms
(Extra Strength Condoms)
"Let's go soldier we're headed for security"

textured condoms

Textured Condoms
(textured condoms, studded condoms, ribbed condoms) "Hop on your Harley, we’re headed for Traction Town"

Polyurethane condoms

Polyurethane Condoms (non-latex)
"Fly with me, we're Latex free"

larger condoms

Large Condoms
"Follow me to the land of the giants"

smaller condoms

Small Condoms
(snug fit condoms)
"Come with me to a land that's tailor made"

Non lubed condoms

Non lubricated Condoms
"Come follow me to the land that's lube free"

flavored condoms

Flavored Condoms
"Follow me down to Hummer Town"

colored condoms

Colored Condoms
"Let's depart on a colorful voyage"

Condom Assortments and Refills

Deep Diver novelty condoms Custom Condoms
"Design your own brand"

I think I am interested in the DEEP DIVER....I mean WHO came up with this stuff.

What happened to SARAN WRAP or a ZIPLOCK BAG!!


~Static~ said...

Heyas Survivor! What's up?
You're right there are so many varieties of condoms. And they all have their pros and cons.

I was always partial to rubber gloves personally. I don't mean the dish washing "Rubber Maid" type gloves, even though they sound apropo.

No.. since I became an EMT, I have discovered there are literally THOUSANDS of different varieties, types and sizes of surgical gloves. And they are all spectacular; a great fit (since there is plenty of room **ahem), they last and last - you can use one over and over, they "hardly ever" tear, there are multiple finger sleeves that make for interesting sensations (sort of like a fisting - but different)...anywho..

I'm wearing one right now, but you didn't need to know that.......did you?


~Static~ said...

**bats eyes

I forgot to mention; a box lasts a really long time since they aren't being used in pairs! Unless of course using a pair is required for those extra protection scenarios..(this might just be one of those moments)

=| **blinks repeatedly

That's all k thx bye!!

Regina said...

I also heard they had some glow in the dark condoms...of course I wouldn't know anything about it from up here on my self made pedestal!!

Anonymous said...

How about those vibrating and warming ones?

survivor said...

HA HA..vibrating, that is probably for people who don't MOVE

survivor said... are a mess!..but you know I don't know too many men that I deal with that can FIT in a surgical glove..well did say they come in various sizes though

Anonymous said...


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