Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Blogs I Like

Okay I had some time today and decided to peruse the wonderful world wide web, aka- Cyberspace. I found some really interesting blogs out there. Not all humorous or comedy. I actually have and ecclectic choice when it comes to reading manners. So if you like my blog...check out some of these as well.

  • Scott's tip of the day( Scottstipoftheday) is actually a good read. He visited my blog an asked me in turn to check his out. I really enjoyed it. He, like I, states his opinon on a variety of matters. I don't know if anyone actually takes Scott's tips to heart, but HEY, the dude does make some sense in some of his suggestions. (and yes Scott is right Homeless folks sometimes do smell- well- its' just a fact)
  • The Angry Clown-(Angryclown). I like dude, I mean he is lewd and crude, but HEY we all have our good He is very straightforward with his commentary, so if you get easily offended, then HEY....just move on to the next post. You know I don't give a bleep if you check any of these folks out..hell I like them.
  • The Flint Skinny Blog -the flint skinny- I must admit I do like blogs that are unconventional. When I was younger I was so radical. I use to make pizza without sauce (using hoagie rolls) and actually convinced people it was the sauce that had us brainwashed into thinking pizza was good. So this blog sorta runs the gamut of strange or weird humor-whatever- the posts Idon't like I simply skip over..
  • Regina Family Seasons- (reginafamilyseasons)- Okay, you guys caught me. This isn't a new blog I recently started reading but I love it so much I have to include it in at least ONE post a month..SWEET, SEXY, COOL! (sounds like a singing group huh)..but Regina got that Down home sweetness..the fact she is a transplant like me from NEW YORK makes a her a super cool chick. Her blog is honest and makes you feel good reading it....SO CHECK IT OUT.....YOU BETTER!
  • The Angry Jew- (theangryjew)- What is up with all these angry folks..good Well, if you what a wide view on politics and you were a fan of the old dude at the end of 60 minutes, then you will love this guy.

So those were some of the most recent ones I visited and liked...I will be back. I think since folks like awards. I don't give a bleep will create and award for blogs who really post what they feel and dont give a bleep what others think about what they right..

YEAH...hmmm...I think I will call it the IDONTGIVEABLEEP AWARD...that's only cause I am so original...


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