Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Dont Give A Bleep If you Don't Like Our New President

Pluzeeez!...why Lord, WHY did some A-hole had to piss me off today and say, "I don't like the New President." I don't Giveasheet! Tell it to someone who cares. The man has even had a chance to pee in the toilet and already you got folks making asinine comments. Okay, so when I asked my co-worker what she didn't like about him she says, "first off I don't like his name." WTF? his name? If his name was, "Henry Kissinger," would that have made it better.

She better be glad we didn't have someone of Asian descent elected, I guess then what? she would boycott all Chinese restaurants.

Look people, (as I have written before), here we might have a shot at retirement money or having our stock actually be profitable. Is it too much to ask that we all pull together and be supportive of someone who wants to change our current system?

I see a long haul for our great Nation and I for one am going to stand by the President and his cabinet and keep them in my prayers.

as for BUSH and DA GANG...


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