Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I have to say 2008 went by quickly (Thank God). Would not want to relive the latter part of that year at all.

Their were so many things not only did I "not" give a bleep about that year but probably would carry over into this year as well.

So how about them "resolutions huh?" Nope, not doing it. Every year I see people go out and join all these Weight loss places. Why? We give them our money and hope they will perform miracles. The real miracle is within ourselves. We have to be peaceful with who we are. It is only when you find true inner peace can you even attempt to find peace with your "whole" self.

Wow, for a minute there I sounded so philosophical. Gee, won't let that happen

I do have ONE resolve though, to be the best me I can be. It is the one true thing I know I do without any effort or planning.

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~Static~ said...

Yeah, screw resolutions. They're just a way for people to set themselves up for disappointment. It's like resolutions are designed for FAIL. It's true.

This way these same peeps can go back to smoking, drinking, eating junk food, not exercising and shooting dope up their asses and feel guilty about it for a month until the next new year when they say they're going to attempt to quit all of the above (again)...and fail.

Nope, not for me either. I am quite content either doing it right or not at all. But doing it right is ideal. Oh shit, did I just make a resolution?

ZO_omfg!!!!1 <3