Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Don't Give A Bleep Nasty Folks

Why oh why do some people not wash their hands when they use the bathroom? That is a big pet peeve of mine. Worst yet, sometimes they are the ones "having you over for dinner or something." I was at a friend's home the other day (over for dinner) and she used the restroom. Not only did she not wash her hands, she didn't flush the toilet. Lucky for me it was only a #1 she did.

How would I know all this, well simple, I wanted to use the restroom so I was right outside the door. She didn't flush, she came out the bathroom, then went over to the sink, and continued cutting up the chicken. I tell you what that was an appetite killer right there.

I think it is something your parents ingrain in you when you are younger. However, I won't blame it on parenting, because sometimes folks are just plain nasty.

Let's not forget the folks who blow their nose, then want to shake hands with you. Their nose is running. They wipe their nose with their hands, wipe it on their clothes, then they extend it to you for a handshake...ugggh...


LadyBanana said...

It is so very disgusting.. more germs are spread by not washing hands than any other means..

survivor said...

It just makes me cringe when folks don't wash their hands. Then they wonder why they get sick