Monday, January 12, 2009

I don't give a bleep about slow drivers

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Arggh! People please if you can't drive fast- STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE...whew I got that off my chest. I really don't understand drivers that HOG that fast lane at 50mph. What is that about?

Yesterday I was driving Northbound to an appointment ( I was in the fast lane) when suddenly this lady came from nowhere an jumped in front of me. Well, no problem but then she starts breaking to about 60. Now, the flow of traffic had been 70 (well maybe 75) until then so here she comes and luckily I keep good distance between me and the traffic ahead, so I end up (being forced) to slow down to a crawl.

I see cars in the middle lane passing us up. So was about to signal to get over and pass this lady. So you know what she does? She speeds up. So since she speeds up, I speed up, then she slows down again...ARGGGH!!

So by now I figure okay she just wants to be a total "B-WORD." I then just signal again to get into the other lane to just get away from her. She speeds up again. Okay, I am not buying it this time. I signal, get over and just stay in the other lane (where eventually I pass her anyway).
I look over and her is the lady looking like " one of the chicks from the GOLDEN GIRLS." Grandma must of been at least 80. Now, see I wasn't going to stereotype older drivers, but she is the PRIME reason why we need to have older drivers tested more regularly.
Slow drivers, the slow lane is for YOU. Please stay there.

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