Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Ten Things of Last Year That I Dontgiveableep About

These are (in PICTURE FORM) the TOP TEN THINGS IDONTGIVEABLEEP about for the year 2008. These were either things or people that absoulutely annoyed me or they was overkill in the media. I would love to see the things that you did not give a bleep about as well for the year 2008. So if you want to ADD YOUR OWN pictures to your site and don't forget to link back and share it with us. This is not a meme, but I think it would be fun to see what were some of your pet peeves for last year

I will start from 10 backwards!

10.... amy winehouse Pictures, Images and PhotosAmy Winehouse ups and down with the drug scene was just annoying in 2008. The fact she won a grammy award as the top album didn't seem to help, it just made it more annoying.

9...same sex brides Pictures, Images and Photos Same sex marriage was very controversial in 2008. I think the homeless in our country would disagree that it was something to constantly be worried about. I think if the government put more thought in solving other issues affecting America then we would be better off.

8....FLDS Cult Pictures, Images and Photos First we took the kids, then we give back the kids, then we wondered if we should take the kids again. We spent more airtime on the Polygamist in Utah and Colorado then we did in celebrating the victories in the Olympics last year.

7....Dr. Jeremiah Wright Pictures, Images and Photos The Diaster Pastor. Jeremiah Wright became this symbol of what Pastor NOT to have in your corner if you were running for President. This was a way to try to discredit Obama...and WE HAD TO LISTEN to it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVer again. However, he put himself constantly in the news by making negative comments again and again. I was SO happy when the media stopped giving this man airtime.

6....michael phelps Pictures, Images and Photos Now don't get me wrong I loved Michael Phelps but he was NOT the only one that entered the Olympics. So much airtime was spent on this dude that we didn't get to see or hear about some of the wonderful accomplishments of some of the other athletes. Swimming wasn't the only event.

5...2008  What a Year Pictures, Images and Photos The Presidential Race seemed to go on forever. The debates, more debates, more debates, slanderous comments, debates, mudslinging, more debates...I thought it would NEVER END. Half of my favorite shows were pre-empted due to this election. I know it was important to have one but DANG!..we focused so much on the election that (again) many important issues effecting our country were left hanging. Afterawhile it seemed that Hilary, John and Obama were the only things that Americans focused on.

4..Gas Prices Pictures, Images and Photos I really didn't give a bleep about the rising gas prices. I thought I was going to have to sell blood to fill up my tank. This really sucked because it caused so many people to become "couch potatoes." We couldn't go anywhere so we were at the mercy of the television stations. I am SOOOO happy gas prices have gone down.

3...sarah palin Pictures, Images and Photos Sarah Palin. What can I say, this woman set woman's suffarge movement back centuries. OMG! What were the republicans thinking. Everytime she opened her mouth I cringed!

2....Economy Pictures, Images and Photos. I was tried of hearing about the government giving all these BAILOUTS to these corporations and leaving the average citizen to fend for themselves. I was tired of hearing about how bad WALL STREET was doing when no one was giving a damn how bad I was doing.



moon units Pictures, Images and Photos

ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT HIM IS what N' SYNC would say------> BYE BYE..


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