Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fad diets

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I stumbled upon a site called, "" Someone actually took the time to compile all the fad diets their are out there. I thought it would be helpful for some folks who have this in their "New Year's Resolution," list.

The funniest diet on this site is the Amputation Diet..I LOVE IT!!
I found in the long run, the best thing to do is minimize your portions and exercise. Their really is no getting around the exercise thing.

I don'tgiveableep about diets. I sat LET FAT RUN FREE!! Eat Less, Drink More Liquids and POOP a lot! There diet problem solved


LadyBanana said...

I read on BBC news that now is not a good time to diet as it will lower immunity to flu...

Regina said...

I know a lot of people who did the lemon cleanse (I had no idea it was also called the lemonade diet, the name is so misleading! I almost jumped all over this since I love lemonade!!!) and as a cleanse it was awesome. They lost weight and cleansed the bowel region.
I personally have not and will not do it since I have an aversion to drinking things that are not drinkable like syrup and cayenne pepper
To each his own!

Anonymous said...

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Regina said...

I have an award for you!

survivor said...

I heard that too Ladybanana. I am on the serious "STRESS DIET." sadly I am losing weight, but it is because I am depressed.

survivor said...

Regina, I did the lemon cleanse for about 4 days and YES I lost weight and no I wasn't hungry but it got to the point where I didn't even WANT to eat.

It was not healthy

survivor said...

Thank you Joshua