Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I don't Give a Bleep About-Super Delegates

Okay, what or who the hail are Super Delegates? Can they fly? Why should anyone care about them anyway?

Superdelegate is an informal term used for some of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Superdelegates are usually seated automatically. It is because they are current or former elected officeholders and party officials.

The 2008 Democratic National Convention will have approximately 796 superdelegates (this number tends to flucuate). Superdelegates are generally chosen without regard to their preferences in the presidential race and are not obligated to support the candidate chosen by the voters. There have been repeated calls to eliminate the superdelegates from the nomination process to more accurately reflect the popular vote, including an online petition.

I feel that they are indeed a waste of time. There is no way the vote is accurate with these folks in there.

Source: wiki

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