Monday, May 5, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep About-Artificial Nails

fake nails

I use to wear artificial nails (about 2 years ago I stopped), then I sat down one day and counted the amount of money I spent to pay to get my nails done. I could of bought a whole new dining room set with that money.

I type a lot (well, heck who doesn't if they are own a blog), and sometimes it is difficult to do so with nails. The real reason I stopped though was due to an article I saw on nail fungus and the damage it can do. Some of the grossest pictures I ever saw.

Then their are the nail salons. Do Americans own nail salons anymore. I was thinking of taking a Vietnamese language course or a Chinese language course because these are mostly who own all the local nail shops in my area.

Since I stopped getting artificial nails placed on my hands, not only has there been a savings, but my own, natural nails have grown. I do keep them manicured.

This one lady said she used them because they were excellent in picking her nose. Wow, buying and 20 dollar nail set to pick my nose just seems like a waste of money, (but it could be just me).


LadyBanana said...

I have never liked long nails either false or real. I seem to have a bit of a nail phobia (if there is one) have to have mine short and neat at all times!

2sweetnsaxy said...

I like my nails but not that long. Long before they were popular my uncle had a girlfriend with really long nails and as kids we used to wonder how she put her clothes on.

I used to do my own. I never had a problem growing them but I hated when they'd break and be uneven so I'd put one on. :-D

Regina said...

I entertained the idea once of getting some fake nails after sitting in that shop for 20 minutes trying to breathe I had to leave! Those fumes were about to put me in a coma!
I keep my own nails pretty decent and once in a while or once a year I get mine manicured.