Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I don't give a bleep about bad drivers

What is wrong with folks? Did they get their driving license out of a cereal box? People you cannot, let me repeat, cannot stop your vehicle on a "FREEWAY!"...hello? anyone home?

So today I am on my way to an appointment. I am in the middle lane, because I get away from the fast folks (fast lane) and don't have to curse out the slow folks (slow lane). I am just driving along when suddenly this gentleman in front of me stops his vehicle...Yup just stopped like he was on crack or something. I quickly had to jump over in the next lane because I saw the crash coming.

Sadly the fool that was "tailgating" me for over a mile ran into him. Luckily no injuries. I pulled over on the shoulder and watched, because if the guy behind me needed a witness I would happily volunteer. So folks swerving like crazy, then here come CHP (CHIPS) with sirens blazing.

It seems the man in front of me was "texting" and lost concentration and instead of accelerating, put his foot on the brakes. WHAT? texting. Texting is the devils device, I am convinced. (wait that is my next rant for my next post).

Okay, no one seems to even be looking my way (by then they started setting up roadblocks) ambulance is called, (I guess this is a common thing when there is a collision). So I decided to just be on my way to my appointment.

I am so sick of inconsiderate drivers, the ones the cut you off, drag race through the neighborhood, don't use their blinkers (turn signals), run stop signs and BOY OH BOY can I go on.

sigh...well if this is the most excitement I have for today, I will be okay.

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