Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Don't Give a Bleep About Artificial Sweetners

Why are there so many artificial sweetners...arrgh! I went to my favorite pancake house, "International House of Pancakes," and asked for a cup of cofee. My goodness she brings back this huge mug with about 10 different sweetners. Some I wasn't even aware of. I guess the latest thing is to have "cane sugar" as a sweetner. I don't know if I-Hop is competing with Starbucks but this as absolutely ridiculous.

You ever read the ingriedients on a unsweetened soda bottle label? I mean there are words in there that I can say much less spell. Why do the sugar free sodas always taste so darn sweet.

I see why I a saving calories. They trying to give me Cancer and kill my butt.

Thank God we are now starting to have consumers reject diet soda. Diet soda stands at the center of America’s passion for soft drinks.It seems however, that studies suggesting the toxic nature of its many sweeteners, lackluster advertising, and an increased health consciousness in the United States have done little to stop its growth. Even though some are opting for a more healthier beverage many of you out there still chug your, "diet pepsi" or "diet coke."

These damn advertisizers that are shoveling these commercials down our throat don't give a rat's behind about your health.

I tam telling you the only way to go is drinking a free drink called, "WATER!"

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