Monday, March 16, 2009

I Don't Give A Bleep About New York Taxi Cabs

I am mad about these dang gone Taxi drivers in New York City that don't know where the Hell they are going. My sister just called me from New York and was telling me that she called a taxi to take her from long island to Brooklyn. Now if you are a New Yorker you know that there really is one true straight shot...but this dude must of thought she was a tourist and want to show her the whole damn city before he take her to Linden Blvd.

She told me she was screaming at him to turn here, turn there an he was just ignoring her. Then when he stopped the cab he wanted to charge her "rent money!" WTF? I lived in New York for over 17 years and even though some things have changed, a lot of things have not.

When he finally reached, she flew out the cab. The man was yelling,"you ain't paying," I am calling the cops. She flipped him off and told them him call them, because when they look at the meter they are not going to believe you picked me up in Brentwood. She said he kinda muttered something and then drove off.

Now they have this thing called, "Cash Cabs." It is a game show and you jump into a cab only to find out you are game show called, "Cash Cab." The host is this dude called, "Ben Bailey." Then the lights come on and scare the BeJeus outta yah. Now if I am in a hurry to get to work, don't be scaring me in your taxi. Then I pee pee myself and your show gotta cleaning is just too crazy.

Then their is this other crazy show, that use to come on HBO, "taxicab confessions." This is a show where folks want to just tell all their bidness. I think folks use taxi cabs as confessionals.

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