Wednesday, March 25, 2009

old drivers -get out the way

Lord forgive me, I know I am going to be old one day, but PULEEEZE get these old folks off the freeway. I was on my way to the store this morning and I almost got into and accident cause, "grandma" had her head way down in the car looking for something...(on the FREEWAY no less), and did not see me merging in her lane and I signaled like a three car length..I had to swerve over in the other lane or I might not be here today. I mean she was totally oblivious of the situation..and looked over at me and smiled...WTH?

Hmmm...come to think of it "Granny" might have been very competent. I feel that once you reach a certain age the DMV needs to do a yearly check see if they are still able to function on the road.



Tina said...

You can't drink and drive, but you can be old as hell and drive. They're probably just as dangerous.

kimberly said...

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