Sunday, January 6, 2008

Britney is Crazy-I don't give a bleep!

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Britney Spears is as looney as a Fruitcake. I don't give a Bleep!! Instead of her sorry ass Mama writing books on how to raise celebrity kids, perhaps she should of been raising them. I am not the perfect parent, but I knew better then to go partying with my kids and smoking weed with them.

Okay how in the heck you gonna go to church to meet boys to have sex with? Where was that pastor? damn. As you can see my posts are not gonna be politically correct. I am here writing for the people who are so tired of reading about celebs who need to get their damn lives together.

Why is life so traumatic for these people. I mean from Eddie Munster to the Corey's (Corey Feldmen and Corey Haim), these young people did not have the support of positive role models around them. They had leeches.

Britney's dad is probably the most sane person there. He went into rehab an actually stayed. He was one of the first on the scene to lend Britney support during her meltdown. What is a meltdown anyway, and does it come with cheese? What the heck was Dr. Phil doing at the hospital? Man what a loser family. Yes I said it outloud. We have hundreds of people dying daily in Iraq, and the focus is on a woman who is so selfish and self centered she doesn't give a damn what happens to herself. Gimme a break.

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