Thursday, January 17, 2008

I don't Give A Bleep-About Ceasar Laurean

Okay this guy is a loser, so why would you give a bleep about him. The most cowardly act is a man that kills a pregnant woman. I don't care what the state laws say about the baby is not a baby until it is breathing on its own.

When the Onslow County's Sheriff , Ed Brown excavated the backyard of Cesar Lauren he was quoted as saying,The body was charred, and the fetus was in the victim's abdomen, Brown said, describing the scene in gruesome detail. The fetus was developed enough that the "little hand was about the size of my thumb. The little fingers were rolled up," he said.

If he could recognize the hand and see the fingers. "rolled up," then that meant the baby suffered before it died. Lauren is why we still have things like the "death penalty" still in place.
As many may have heard by know the full story was that about 20 months ago Maria Lauterbach disappeared from Camp Lejuene , right before she as to testify about against Lauren for rape.

I guess I should also say, "I don't give a bleep about what affects this has on the Marine Corps publicity." The good old boys can't cover this mess up. The federal government want answers. I am sure it is not the first time that a rape-coverup has occurred in the military. Just not with such a devastating results.

When the catch the "murder," they need to save us taxpayer money and just tell him to RUN...shoot first, ask questions later.

Source: CNN NEWS

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