Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I don't Give a Bleep About-Arlington Oregon's Mayor

Seems even though I don't give a bleep about Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, it seems the constituents of Arlington Oregon do. It seems the mayor posted pictures of herself on myspace with her bra and panty. (as shown above). I personally don't see what a person's private life has to do with their political life. HA HA, that was funny even when I wrote it. Of course a political figure has no personal life. What was she thinking.


TheGoldfishGuy said...

Well she's got my vote now. At least we now know what she is gonna bring to the table and the assets she has ;-)

I don't think many people will complain.

Thanks for sharing. Nice photo.

Jamie Boyle

paulojuarezpereira said...

Seems the people of Arlington, Oregon, have no sense of humor. What, ask for the mayor's resignation just because she posed for revealing photos--way before she became mayor? Come on, fellows! Don't embarrass yourselves! Compliment Mayor Kontur-Gronquist on her good looks and carry on with the town's business.

Hang in there, Mayor!

Paulo-Juarez Pereira
San Jose, CA