Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Don't Give a Bleep-About Your Road Rage

I really could care less about the road rage that many people seem to exhibit on our cities major roadways. I find it childish and insignificant in the scheme of things. It is sad that we allow our emotions to reach that level the one would take a gun and blow someone away, just for cutting them off.

Take for example the case in Australia where a man got into a car crash with a gentleman on Springvale Road. The people in the damage car then got out and made threats at the man. Well, he drove off fearing for his life. Now, here comes a second car (which were friends of the people in the damaged car) who followed the man the drove away. They stopped alongside his car then got out and punched him in the face.

Then to add injury to insult they stole the man's Red 1993 SAAB, while another person drove the damaged car away.

Any Case America, where you are driving along any major freeway in America, you signal to go into the next lane. Out of nowhere a motorcycle speeds by, causing you to veer slightly out of control. You mutter some explicit words under you breath, and then decide to chase this cyclist. You swerve from lane to lane to catch up, disregarding the honking cars, just bent on catching up with this guy that almost caused you and accident. You finally catch up to the vehicle, then you come alongside of him and ...

See here is the part where all common sense flies out the window. Most folks are not caring what they do. This is where someone loses a life, causes someone to lose a life, This is where life life can change for many

The missing Saab has still not been found.

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Bill said...

Wow this makes me think twice about politely waving at people who honk at me because of road rage just to make them madder. Boy they get MAD when i do that too lemme tell ya. It's pretty bad when you feel like you have to drive like they do just so you don't piss anyone off out of fear of being shot or rammed. maybe I do give a bleep about that just a little bit. :-) Good post.