Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Don't Give A Bleep--About Osma Bin Laden

Okay, I am going outside to find some Weapsons of Mass Destruction. Wait, better yet I am going to ask Osama to send me some. He knows where they are.

An American intelligence officials have told The New York Times privately that Mr. Bush will probably leave office with Mr. bin Laden still at large. “We haven’t had a good lead on his exact whereabouts in two years,” a senior American military official said in December.

So you see why I don't give a bleep? Because if I was to care, I would surely extend too much energy worrying every time I get up that some public area near me is in danger of blowing up.

What I do give a "BLEEP" about are the thousands of troops overseas who were or are suppose to be searching for Osma. (this is the moonlighting job when they are not protecting Iraq).

When are they coming home. That is what I give a bleep about.

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